Is MSA still covering FabFitFun boxes?

I noticed that the Winter FFF box was never reviewed, and that there have been Spring spoilers pages on Instagram for the last few days… Is MSA no longer reviewing this box?


Doesn’t seem like MSA is covering any box anymore. Almost all the content is sponsored now. :grimacing:


Yeah, the page just to be on my daily must read list. Now? It’s non existent.


I noticed that too. They also haven’t updated the spoilers for the Allure January box. I’m wondering if the person doing those boxes left? FFF looks really good for Spring and I got an Allure box from Amazon for this month and thought it was really good.

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Yeah, I’m really confused about what msa is trying to do here. If you are reviewing boxes and putting up timely spoilers and sub box deals, and having a couple sponsored articles scattered here and there…fine. But if it’s just paid content with an occasional stale review and already spoiled spoiler, why would I ever come here anymore? No swaps, no spoilers, no reviews, no forum engagement. I miss when msa was msa…not that long ago even. It’s just gone now. I wish it would come back so I could come back:(

I totally agree!

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The FFF posts (spoilers, reviews, etc.) used to be one of the most highly trafficked posts. Hundreds of comments. Almost certainly the most popular box, at least from a reader engagement standpoint. Now MSA isn’t even covering the box, period.

I’m confident that FFF paid MSA in the past to cover/promote the box, and obviously that is no longer happening. Yet, you’d think that a site dedicated to “subscription addiction” would at minimum still cover the site’s most popular box. Is FFF forcing MSA to remain silent about the box? I sincerely doubt it. The fact that the FFF box isn’t even remotely being covered speak volumes - clearly the site is no longer about what readers want to see, and only about what someone will directly pay them to post. Seems counterintuitive, to take away things that drive site traffic.

If I’m being blunt, this site has become a joke. Do I still come by? Yes, every once in a while I do, just to see what’s going on (kinda like not being able to stop looking at a train wreck). But I rely on Reddit and another site now for all sub-box related things. As @florencedesign mentioned, there is nothing left here for those of us who enjoyed the site back in the day. I struggle to understand how MSA can/will survive, when it is actively driving away its loyal readers, and as best as I can tell, isn’t offering content that would keep new readers engaged.

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This is the only the 2nd time I have visited MSA since they discontinued the swapping feature last summer and honestly I logged on with the hope that perhaps they realized their mistake and started it back up.I use alternate sites such as hello subscription dot com or Facebook/Instagram sites for the boxes I subscribe to for Spoliers etc. FabFitFun lists the Spoliers for their boxes under Community on the homepage and then select Forum on the FFF website. All 6 of the Spoliers for customization as well as the Boosts, Throwbacks and Refills.

FFF also has an Event Calendar available on the Forum from the drop down list in the upper right corner or via the Support that provides release dates for when each spoiler will be announced, when add-ons and customization start and any upcoming edit sales.The FFF Forum functions almost identical to this one, so if you know how to navigate this forum, FFF’s Forum will be easy to get used too Below is a link.

I hope this helps.

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