Is this the best (or at least the funniest) bath bomb Lush has ever made?

The Big Eggplant Bath Bomb. 9 inches of energizing foam. And the lush description gets even more creative from there, but I’ll let y’all read it for yourself.

Goose for scale. They were serious about the 9 inches.


To quote Safiya Nygaard “Lush is nothing if not horny”
If you haven’t seen her bath bomb mixing video, I def recommend! All of her bad makeup science series is really interesting

You had me at 9 inches… :rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :laughing:

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IKR?! I was dying over here.

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The real question is how big of a tub do you need for those nine inches!!! Oh my…

@ebbgirls i will be using it in my normal sized tub and loving every minute of it.

But not tonight. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me more because I’m scared to use it because it’s so magnificent.


I saw this in the store today and thought to myself :thinking: how many baths can I get out of this? This thread would have really amped up my excitement.

Lol Goose looks so confused

Goose’s expression here is everything. :joy:


Oh! Did you guys catch that the Lush 50% sale restocked yesterday? :woman_facepalming:t2: I ordered too much.

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I’m thinking a bath bomb of this size is meant for a hot tub!! Or at least a Jacuzzi … two places where things are more likely to “happen” :joy: :rofl:

This is the BEST bath bomb ever. I wish I had a bathtub that was deep enough to use.
By chance did it come in a smooth plastic sheath?

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Haha no, It came naked inside a brown bag :wink: