It’s Co/Review Time: Reggie 🐶

Welcome to the Reggie Co/Review :dog:

The brand up for discussion today is Reggie, a company that specializes in wellness regimens for dogs. There are supplements for calming, skin + coat, hip + joint, plus multivitamins.

The goal for this Co/Review is to get a conversation going about Reggie and compare notes. If you’ve tried Reggie in the past, I welcome you to drop in and share your experience. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to ask questions. Let’s give an especially warm welcome to @nic1750 @canucks1945 and @tinacara, the winners of our Reggie Co/Review giveaway.

Everyone who takes part in the first week of conversation will earn a badge for their participation.

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Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe this product?
  2. Did your dog like it?
  3. Did it work for you?
  4. Would you recommend this product to a friend?
  5. Would you buy it again?
  6. Have you tried other products in this category? How does this one compare?
  7. Looking back on your experience with this product, what stands out?
  8. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money?

Is this one already over? I noticed you mentioned the winners above.

I received 2 bottles of the evening skin & coat product which contained 30 chews in each. For my shi-tzu Marco, based on his weight, would receive half a chew.

On the 1st day, Marco ate his first chew without issue. I think they smell like fig Newton’s. On subsequent days, I had to put a little wet food on it to entice him. Lol.

The reason I wanted this variation of the supplement was because he gets really itchy skin. I feel like I noticed less itchiness and will continue to use it.

In terms of cost, while I think you might be able to get supplements cheaper in some of the big box pet stores, I also think the price is on par with alot of the same stores (approx $30 per bottle). I would definitely be interested in trying Reggie’s other varieties.


Love the size comparison with the quarter, and also I think it’s charming the chew is heart shaped

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The hearts are so cute!

I will get pictures posted tomorrow or this weekend.

I have a Papillion named Chewie that was a rescue dog and is very fearful, anxious, and is clingy and possessive with me, therefore I chose the Reggie calming chews.

1. How would you describe this product? Its a small, fairly soft chew that is similar in size to a training treat.

2. Did your dog like it? Yes, he had no issues eating these.

3. Did it work for you? It’s only been about 2 weeks and these type of products often take at least a month to see results, but he does seem somewhat calmer. To be fair he has not been in any stressful situations in the past two weeks, but he doesn’t seem to bark as much when we go for walks.

4. Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes, it’s definitely worth trying. Don’t expect a change overnight and give it time to work by using it consistently everyday.

5. Would you buy it again? Yes, when these run out I will buy the Reggie calming chews.

6. Have you tried other products in this category? How does this one compare? Yes, they were similar but I think Chewie likes the Reggie chews better and I think the Reggie chews also worked a little faster than similar products I’ve tried.

7. Looking back on your experience with this product, what stands out? I was happy that Chewie ate the chews as he can be fussy. I appreciated that they were soft as those are the types of treats he prefers.

8. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money? Yes, 120 chews for $30 is a good deal for these types of chews. Being a small dog, Chewie only gets one chew a day, so each tub is almost 4 months worth of chews.


I received the Morning Hip & Joint chews. My dog Joey turns 12 sometime this spring. He’s a rescue so I don’t know exactly how old he is but celebrate his Gotcha Day as if it’s his Birthday. The chews themselves are small and easy to cut up. They don’t have have an aggressive off putting smell like some other supplements I’ve used. I cut up one chew every morning and add to his breakfast. I do this with his monthly heatworm and flea meds too. It’s the only way he’ll eat them. No amount of peanut butter works because he just licks it off leaving the chew behind.

After 2 weeks we still have some chews left in the first bottle but it’s hard to say I’ve seen measured results. One thing I have noticed is he’s developed a lot of dandruff and is shedding more than usual. I don’t think it’s because if the supplements, but I can’t be for sure so I thought I would mention it as he’s never had dandruff before.

Here’s the thing, we live in Minnesota and have had a much colder winter than we’ve had in a few years. Negative 20+ windshields for most of February doesn’t inspire long walks so neither of us have been as active as we’d like. I also have radiator heat in my house and my skin has felt drier than usual so I would think that would effect my dog as well.

I don’t feel like I can give an honest and overall review of this product because of these things. I have decided to save the second bottle of chews for when the weather gets warmer and we resume our morning 3 miles hikes.

I have seen his mobility improve on other supplements so I really want to give this product an honest try. Reggie also has the added bonus of being a subscription.



I love reading about everyone’s fur babies!