It's Co/Review Time: Home Chef!

Welcome to our first ever MSA Forum Co/Review!

The box up for discussion today is Home Chef, a meal kit delivery subscription that’s known for offering great customization and classic “home cooking” recipes.

The goal for this Co/Review is to get a conversation going about Home Chef and compare notes. If you’ve tried Home Chef in the past, I welcome you to drop in and share your experience. There are some questions at the bottom of the post to help get you thinking. Let’s give an especially warm welcome to @ablevins and @shannon.declesis2393, the winners of our Home Chef Co/Review giveaway.

Curious to learn more about Home Chef? Feel free to drop questions below. This is a great chance to connect with real life subscribers and get a feel for what this subscription is really like.

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What is a Co/Review?

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Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe this subscription?
  2. How does this subscription make life better?
  3. How does this subscription make you feel?
  4. Would you recommend this subscription to a friend?
  5. Have you tried other subscriptions in this category? How does this one compare?
  6. Looking back on your experience with this subscription, what stands out?
  7. What is your favorite thing about this subscription?
  8. What about this subscription would you change?
  9. Are you a current subscriber? If not, would you consider signing up? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money?

I’m a picky eater. Is there enough to choose from for someone like me? I can’t do any type of seafood (yet hubby loves shrimp :roll_eyes:). I am disabled and it would be nice to have dinners kinda “arranged” versus eating out of the freezer when I can’t cook. However, I’m worried I’ll sign up and can’t find enough we would both like. Ever been a concern for anyone?

I’m sure others will chime in, but I’ll hop in with my two cents to help get the conversation going.

I think that Home Chef is a pretty good choice for those who may not like a lot of things. First of all, the meals are generally pretty straightforward. Whereas some subscription feature a lot of unique flavor combos and “edgy” recipes, Home Chef’s focus is on classic recipes. I always think of it like “meat and potatoes” kind of cooking; the meals would be right at home on my Grandma’s table. The other nice thing for picky eaters (especially people like you who may not like certain proteins) is that Home Chef lets you customize the meat in the meals. For example, if there’s a recipe for shrimp tacos but you don’t like shrimp, you can swap the shrimp for chicken or steak or even plant-based “meat.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll tell you that I am not a picky eater. Despite goat and blue cheese and mushy tomatoes, I’ll pretty much eat anything. With that in mind, I’m curious if the picky eaters out there agree with my assessment. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! That helps!

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Home chef is a meal kit subscription that does a great job in short cutting cooking such as chopping and measuring. I honestly felt so relieved when I won a free box because I needed some inspiration and groceries have gotten expensive ! I would recommend this to others especially since I am a teacher and struggle with time and stress as well as my friends. And I have tried

-hello fresh but the calories are super high
-Marley spoon but they frequently send wrong items or missing items and customer service is no bueno
-dinnerly cheap yes but lacking the quality

Home chef stands out because they have a solid variety and I am hooked on the oven meals! It comes with the oven tray so the mess is literally none. You sometimes have to mix things in a bowl but mostly you can mix in a tray, I throw the trash in the provided bag, and that’s it.

I’ve noticed they do sell out of recipes quickly so my only advice would be to be quick on choosing ! I would love to try their breakfast at some point. Because of this free box I am subscribing.


I wrote a review below but I can say, my husband is the pickiest eater and with home chef I find it easier to omit ingredients and just put it on my side or find things he likes more than others. Like for hello fresh I swear every meal he liked had the same veggie and meat every week so we never got to switch things up because I didn’t feel like the sides changed as much and everything else was not picky eater approved. If that makes sense. And with the oven tray meals you can always do your food on one side and your picky eater on the other.


Great. Thank you !

I probably wouldn’t try this box based on basic comfort foods. I do that enough on my own.