It's Foodie Friday!

Did you enjoy a meal kit this week that was delish? Chow down on a tasty snack you received in a subscription box? Try out a recipe that turned out to be a winner? Or just have a super tasty meal that you wanna talk about?

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I’ll start!

I’ve been reviewing food boxes for MSA for about seven years now, and I’ve gotten to try a lot of different products over that time. I always get excited when I see something I’ve reviewed on a local grocery shelf, especially when I know the company started small. I always root for small businesses, and it makes me happy when they do well and score wide distribution for their products. Well, I was at Whole Foods yesterday, and I spotted Brooklyn Deli’s Tomato Achaar, which I reviewed twice back in 2016! (Once in Boxwalla Food and the other in The Fare Trade box.)

Achaar is traditionally used as a pickle in Indian cuisine and often served alongside curry and rice or daal, but I feel in love with the bright and savory flavor and used it on a whole heap of things. I especially loved it on burgers, so I might be gilling out this weekend!

I also picked up a jar of Cashew Butter Marsala, which I’m planning to use next week to whip up an easy veggie curry.


Okay y’all
I got 2 meals from both Blue Apron and home chef this week. Usually I exclusively use Blue Apron, but I wanted to try out the Skinnytaste collab Home Chef was doing. I made the Mahi Mahi Florentine dish last night and it was so! Freaking! Good!


Okay, anyone want to help me out with deciding on what I should make for dinner tonight? The choices are the Skinnytaste X Homechef chicken with mushroom shallot sauce and wild rice or the blue apron saffron risotto with Brussel sprouts, Parmesan cheese, and pancetta.

  • Skinnytaste X homechef chicken and wild rice with mushroom shallot sauce
  • Blue apron saffron risotto with Brussel sprouts, Parmesan, and pancetta

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These both sound really good tbh!

I’m a lot more interested in the home chef one now that the mahi mahi florentine was such a success- I couldn’t believe I finished the fish before I finished the potatoes

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Blue apron won. And then I was upset. Because I ordered a Brussel sprouts dish and received a Shishito pepper dish and there is a very big difference between the two. Like even the meal card sent in the box didn’t match the online meal card. I felt like I was going crazy.

All of that said, this was still pretty good

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How strange! I know sometimes meal kits will have to sub an ingredient, but I’m surprised they couldn’t send Brussels sprouts. Still looks pretty tasty with the peppers, but I agree the swap turns that into a completely different dish.

Oh my gosh looking at all this yummy food is making me hungry! I need to eat breakfast :rofl:

@Lindsey-MSA I’m really curious about that cashew butter! It sounds delicious

@Lindsey-MSA what threw me off was the recipe card being different from the online one.

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I’ve cooked my blue apron meals for the past two nights, with leftovers being lunch. Both of these were really, really good.

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The gnocchi looks awesome. :drooling_face:

It’s Foodie Friday! What have you been noshing on this week?

The real question: what takeout should I order tonight

Pizza, Indian, or Thai… are there any other options? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Omg you mind reader! I was leaning pizza but ultimately went Indian! Butter chicken, extra naan, aloo tikka chaat, and potato samosas should be delivered any minute now