It's Makeup Monday!

After thinking about it, I’m going to take @Caryn’s advice and swing by a MAC counter. It sounds like they offer pretty great customer service, and I like the idea of being able to see the different shades swatched in person. But this is very kind of you, @shannonleighcolley! I really appreciate the offer!! :slight_smile:

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I’ll start!

I’m currently loving Tarte’s Sex Kitten Liquid Liner. I picked it up in the last create your own beauty kit, and it’s quickly become my go-to eyeliner. I love a crisp winged liner look, and this pen is made for it! (Bonus points for the cute kitty cap.)


I haven’t used it since getting into subscription boxes, since I have never been low on black eyeliner since then, but it is one of my faves and if I ever have to buy eyeliner again and they’re still making it in 50 years, it will be on the top of my list!

I recently bought the Tanais Liquid Kajal duo from an ipsy sale, and the green is STUNNING it’s dark enough that it doesn’t read as bright green, but makes my blue eyes pop and lasts forever (at least dry, I haven’t gotten caught in the rain with it yet)

If you are after bright green, I bought an eyeliner roll with a bunch of colors from Colourpop and they do the trick just fine! The crayons aren’t super precise though, and the dark purple seems to be a bit fragile. But they were cheap and are colorful and last pretty well.

Pre-pandemic (and post if we get there) my favorite accessory is colorful lipstick, but when wearing a mask I make do with green eyeliner :joy:

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Yes, with masks, eyes are the new lips! LOL

They say nail polish is also a way women are turning to to express themselves since lipstick is out. Popsugar Article

NY Times Article


I’ve been a nail polish person since middle school… and a colorful eyeliner person now that I think about it… some things never change!

But I would like to hope my artistry and taste have been refined a bit, my eyeliner is less sparkly and my nails are more so, so I’ll call that improvement :joy:


@comedytragedy I have always enjoyed a similar aesthetic! When I saw that glitter, and sparkly liner and eyeshadows were making a come back the last few years (outside of holiday times) I was VERY excited :laughing:

I feel like this was my goal/inspo in middle school:

vs. the reality was me applying too much gel glitter and my eyelids feeling like they were on fire lol



No problem! Just giving you options (and me to get rid of stuff) lol

I’m still traumatized from accidentally applying too much bb cream

:joy: cute!

That table behind you appears to be impressively laden with beauty products! :star_struck:

@Lindsey-MSA that was such a polite way to say “cluttered”

Hahaha nah, I meant it more like, “can I have a tour, please?”

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