Let’s grab a drink and cheers- we made it through the first work week of 2022!

First of all, pat yourself on the back for surviving the first full week of the new year. Did it drag on for everyone, or was that just me? Yesterday I was so tired I almost fell asleep before eating dinner. Now that it’s Friday night it’s time to do something fun- grab a drink, eat something tasty, watch your favorite show… whatever makes you happy is what you should do tonight. I plan on cooking up dinner from a meal kit and playing Mario party superstars, and I’ll be drinking my elixir of choice: Boba :slight_smile:
How was your week? How are you kicking off your weekend?



If y’all think that I have an issue with drinking (boba) alone, y’all are sadly mistaken :wink:
But all company is welcome here too! The more the merrier.

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I love Boba tea!!! I haven’t had one in ages!

I’m not drinking anything exciting yet :wink:

I’ve become hooked on this show called “Web Of Lies” it’s a doc style type of show. Similar to Unsolved Mysteries but it all happens on the web :female_detective:

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I feel a little lost because my beloved NFL football season is ending and when C was here we played Mario party every day but Mario party isn’t as fun to play by yourself so I’m just like… o.O

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You know I’ve been wanting to get an old-school Nintendo so I’m intrigued by this Mario Party you speak of!

I can’t really play new video games because they make me nauseous lol :rofl:like I want to play Mario Kart but it makes me dizzy lol

but this birthday cake party looks fun!

Peaches birthday cake is such a fun one!

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I love vintage Nintendo. I have an SNES and a Wii. I’ve been thinking about getting a Switch, and Mario Party looks really fun!

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Yes! My friend John is always telling me I need to get the Switch! Might treat myself for the bday :partying_face:

Everyone get a switch and Mario party superstars (it’s the Mario party games from n64 remade for the switch) and play with me so I don’t feel so lonely