Let’s talk Nood 😃

The product up for discussion is the Nood Flasher 2.0. It’s an at-home laser hair removal device you can use anywhere on your body that grows hair and retails for $229. I’ve received this to try out, and here are my initial thoughts.

Since I have dark hair on fair skin, I’m the ideal candidate for success with laser hair removal. I’ve never really had an interest in it before, but that’s because I thought it was expensive and something I couldn’t afford. If it’s actually effective, the Nood will be a much more affordable option.

I’m glad I read the manual before getting started- I didn’t realize I would be using this on shaved skin! For some reason my brain thought that there should be hair for this to work, but if there is hair then the laser may sting when you’re laser-ing. The manual talked about a flashing light, but I didn’t realize just how bright the light would be. It wasn’t so bright I needed sunglasses, but I was still able to see the flash when I held it up to my armpit which is kind of an odd angle. The Nood does need to be plugged into a wall outlet when you use it, so it’s not as portable as some other beauty treatment devices that can be re-charged like my NuFace.

I’m glad that this came with a detailed handbook, but I still felt like I was missing some information- I wasn’t sure how frequently I should do do each treatment. Luckily, the package also came with this treatment schedule and boxes for you to check off as you complete each once. I’ve decided to try this out by only laser-ing one armpit, so as the weeks progress I can see if I am noticing any differences. I’m going to be following the suggested guide, and I’ve calendared to check back in on this post in early May with updates!2022-04-03T22:30:00Z


I also thought that laser treatment is not affordable, but I want to try!

This looks incredible!

Look forward to hearing your results!!


I need to put in calendar reminders to use it- it has been a little too easy to forget to add to my routine!