Limelife Amazebox

I’m thinking about trying this subscription service. The products are expensive but good quality. It’s about 40 a month for the box. Has anyone tried it? How do we get the site to start reviewing a new box?

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I’ve never heard of this box- what do they offer? To reach out about seeing if the website can review it you can email

Skincare products and makeup.

Hi @graci.blade- are used to subscribe to the Amazebox from Limelife. Limelife is a subsidiary of the Alcone make up store in New York… They’ve been around for over 50 years. Limelife is their in-house brand, that you can purchase directly from their site or from network marketers. Originally they partnered with a variety of make up brands to create products for them. Danessa Myricks has in the past. Limelife is one of the very few network, marketing companies that industry pros actually use… Celebrity artists, etc…

So my experience for the most part with the amaze box is great, I will say that I was starting to see repeats of items, and therefore didn’t find the value for myself anymore. I was tired of getting black eyeliner as an example. I am sure things have updated in the last couple of years… It’s worth giving it a shot. I hope this helps.