Link to Swaps, Blog, etc

@Lindsey-MSA I’d love to see if we can somehow link between MSA blog, and swaps via the forum? To clarify, I mean like currently, I would have to open a new window/tab and go to in order to access it, as opposed to maybe a link somewhere on the forum. Does this make sense - sorry sometimes I know what I’m trying to ask but can’t ask it clearly lol

Maybe like a link to Swaps and to the blog in the hamburger menu where there’s a link to About, FAQ, shortcuts? If possible…


This is a great suggestion, @shar. I don’t think I’m able to adjust this in our admin settings, but I’ll loop in our developer to see if we can make it happen!


This update is live!


I see it! Great update!

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Adding on here with another forum feature I think would be cool, I would love to see emoji reacts for posts! They don’t replace liking, the screenshot is just my own post (I’m the same on FFF if anyone is over there too!) so I can’t :heart: it
But it’s really handy to engage with a post by dropping a :100: :tada: :joy: etc

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Hi @comedytragedy. What a fun suggestion! This doesn’t appear to be a standard feature, but there might be a plugin. Let me do some digging and see if I can figure out how to enable the emoji reacts. :slight_smile:


I agree I think this is a really smart and convenient idea @shar ! I would love to see this happen in there future too!

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It’s live! Lindsey posted a screenshot (above) to where you can find the links. They’re to the left of the Hamburger drop down!


@Lindsey-MSA how do I get the yellow “Swapper” logo next to my name? I noticed Angie and Shar have it. I want one!! I’m a very active swapper!

Go to the menu next to your profile picture where you check new listings and unread (up top) and choose groups.

Got it!!! Thank you, @angelatrupo

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Yes! Glad you found it! I’ll post a quick tutorial today for everyone. :slight_smile:

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