Margot Elena Summer ‘22 - Are You Missing An Item?

Question for you those of you who get the ME box:

I just received the full “spoilers” email for the summer ‘22 box - well after I received it. It shows the box being sent with 4 notecards, not 3 like I received (pics below). Not really a big deal, I’m just curious, but I was wondering if anyone else received only 3 cards? Or did you get all 4? TIA.

I received 3. I saw that email and wondered the same thing. My guess is they’re showing which cards you might receive.

Hmmm… could be…

I will say, I was confused when I got the box bc the info card listed the RV for the set as $22. But the note cards retail for $5.50 each on the ME website, which would be a total RV of $16.50 for a set of 3. I didn’t think much about it but if it was supposed to be a set of 4 cards, the $22 RV listed makes more sense (4x$5.50=$22). So that makes me think there was supposed to be 4.

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I thought it was bizarre that the RV was so high. When you put it that way, I think you’re right!

I also received 3 cards only.
I saw that email but just skimmed through it.
Now that you mentioned it, I just noticed that.
Which card did you not get @Sherri @Kate.Kemp ?

I was missing the chicken (rooster? sorry, my farm animal identification skills are not that great, lol). I received the fan, the Eiffel tower, and the ostrich.

Same here. Wondering if they missed the rooster/chicken (my farm animals indentificatiin skill was bad toi :rofl:) for a batch of boxes.