May Ipsy Glam Bag

Today choice opened up for the May Ipsy glam bags! What did you choose? I selected the kinship sunscreen :relaxed:


I chose the Tanais eye pencil - I’m always happy for an eyeliner that isn’t black.

I was bummed the R+Co spoiler wasn’t a choice item.

Still won’t work for me. Only lets me shop and not choose.

I selected the Kinship Self Reflect sunscreen as well.

I wanted the Kinship and Seraphine lip masks, too, as a $5 add-on, but when I went to check out, they added a $1.49 handling fee, which changed my mind! When you click on the little i for more info, it says:

"Handling Fee

A handling fee applies to all e-commerce purchases (including, but not limited to, Flash, Add-ons, Second chance, Pop-Up, and Shop Ipsy) to cover the cost of preparing and packaging your order."

Is this new, or am I just clueless??

They’ve had the handling fee for a while now. I want to say at least 6 months? Maybe longer? Yeah, it’s annoying AF, and has definitely curbed my spending in the sales. If you order directly through the regular Shop, they don’t charge a handling fee. But they have it for the various sales: pop-up, flash, second-chance add-ons and the various special sales (like the recent one for mother’s day). I thought they didn’t have it for regular add-ons, but I see it in their info that you quoted, so I might be wrong. But on the other hand, I do know that there’s no handling fee via the regular Shop, and they have that listed in the quoted info, so… :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the info., Sherri! It’s ridiculous that in the banner across the IPSY add-ons page they make a big deal about how you can “ship free” with your bag. Yeah, ship free, they’ll just call the extra charge “handling” instead. It’s only $1.49, so it would be worth it if I had found several items to add, but if you want one $3 or $5 item, it is a deterrent for me. And I’m just offended by the principle. LOL


I chose the sunscreen too! I’m excited for this bag; it’s so pretty. :heart_eyes: I’m a sucker for a cute bag!


Yeah, I don’t think the handling fee was there a year ago but it was definitely there at Black Friday 2021.

I still paid it though. I couldn’t pass up the hero cosmetics + good patch bundle

A follow up for me. Ipsy just got back to me. They said going forward for May I will not get the glam bag only my X. They assured me they are extending my yearly subscription! I swear they change the rules but never put it in writing. I got the February bag and the X with no problems. Can you imagine trying to see come January that I remember this? I just wanted to post this in case it happened to someone else.