Meditation & Mindfulness: I subscribed to a new Meditation App!

Has anyone else tried an app or subscription offering (maybe a great book) for meditation or other wellness activities?

After doing the free trial, I ended up splurging (well a splurge for me) and purchased the mindful/meditation app Aura.

What I liked that was different than Headspace & Calm (which I think are fantastic apps in different ways) is the vast resource of different types of mental health exercises.

-Life Coaching (I’ve tried: Reframing, Negativity Bias)
-CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) I just listened to “Curiosity Instead of Judgement.”)

One’s I’m curious about but haven’t tried yet:
-Hypnosis (I don’t know why this makes me a touch nervous, ha)
-Breathwork (I’ve been told in Yoga classes I breathe incorrectly, who knew!:laughing:)

I’d love to hear from all of you if you’ve tried Aura or something similar! :heart:

I understand that these topics can be very personal (so don’t feel any obligation to share unless it feels right to you), but I am happy to share more details about my experience so far and other applications I’ve used, if it isn’t’s helpful.

I really like my Sleep Cycle sleep tracker app. It calculates your sleep quality on a number of factors.

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Insight timer is my go-to. There’s a guided/non-guided meditation for everything and the timer is great. I just use the free offerings. :blush:


My sleep quality is horrendous, so I need to utilize something like that. My really old fit bit used to say I only averaged about 4 hours of “real” sleep :older_adult: freaked me out!

There are a lot of “relaxing sounds” on the Aura app but for some reasons rain or ocean noises make me anxious, anyone else?? And I love the beach so I’m not sure what my deal is ha

oooo I’m going to look into this! Thank you for sharing! :heart:

If you try Sleep Cycle… I believe base app is free, and there are premium features. I don’t like the relaxing sounds either - being alone in the woods?? No thanks! But I like the recordings of soothing voices - try “Muscle Relaxation.” My fave!

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hahahaha I lol’d at the alone in the woods-seriously it’s like I’m not sure all of these “noises” were really thought through :rofl:

I will try the muscle relaxation because I tried a “bedtime story” by Calm once and I was actually relaxed by it! Thank you @ggallagher71 :heart:

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