Met Gala 2022 - favorite outfits?

Do you watch the awards shows or pay attention to the outfits? I like to pick out my favorites and share them with my friends as we discuss who wore what, and the Met Gala always has people pushing the envelope. This Twitter thread has me agreeing that Versace seems to be the best of the best when looking at previous years.

I’d love to know what you guys think! If you have a favorite look(s) from tonight, drop photos here and I’ll set up (or y’all can!) polls to gauge the community’s opinion on the outfit. :slight_smile:

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I know I’m a cranky old lady, but back in the day I used to walk over to the Met after work to watch the arrivals from across Fifth Avenue. Sometimes I’d even pop into Bemelman’s at The Carlyle to catch a glimpse of them before and after the gala. That’s back when the Met Gala was a high society event and one of the most sought-after tickets of the year. Then, social media blew it up and now it’s just The Kardashains and their wannabes. Maybe I’m now too old for it, but it’s just not what it used to be. Thoughts?

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I am also old and cranky and think they let any ole person in there nowadays.

BUT, I’ll say this is actually the one event where I actually care SO MUCH about the clothing because of the themes, and I get overly annoyed when these folks show up in whatever. If you’re lucky enough to go to this, why slap on some outfit you can wear anyplace else? I’m mostly looking at you gentlemen!

The theme this year is “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” —but they were asked to channel “gilded glamour”/white tie/etc acc to the Vogue article I just googled. :upside_down_face:

Idk if Rihanna is there because there are some issues going on and she’s going to have a baby very soon but she always hits the mark. Zendaya too; for some reason I find myself randomly thinking about her (on theme) Joan of Arc outfit. So she will probably look great tonight.

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Zendaya has an amazing stylist! She crushes it every single time.

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So far Blake Lively is my favorite and that’s a thing I didn’t expect to ever say lol.


All three Kardashians didn’t even bother to do the homework; Kim doing Marilyn’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” thing isn’t gilded anything and the way I’m not surprised? It’s always the same from them imo.

Thank you Stormzy, for doing white tie.

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Oh wow @Kai-MSA i always love Blake’s outfits
The detailing on her dress this year is incredible

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YES. That pic didn’t do it justice, there are a lot of blues, it’s so so pretty. Alla this was when she undid the bow.


Like men. What are you…even doing.

Shawn Mendes

Jack Harlow

Random dude whose name I don’t know

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his gorgeous wife who isn’t dressed to the theme like why tho?

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner = no no no no no no I would have sent them home. That’s not…the theme is…gilded…glamour…

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The way I love Oscar Isaac and the way he didn’t understand the assignment at all :frowning:

Billie Eilish! On theme!

Gaga! I feel like that’s…not on theme so…much…? Still pretty good but the neckline throws me off, I feel it’s very Elizabeth I.

Am I wrong tho?

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Is it me or does Sophie kinda look like morticia Adams there.
I like shawn mendes and his dr. Strange vibes

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I don’t mind the Shawn Mendes but tonight is white tie cries
Sophie looks SO Morticia Addams, I quite like her face/hair.


Finneas aka Bille Eilish’s brother.

Lenny Kravitz giving us Dracula vibes squints maybe?

Bridgerton fella.

Riz Ahmed what are you…what?

Bradley Cooper doing the bare minimum.

Sebastian Stan. sigh Gilded…glamour…was the…the…me…

So my second favorite was… Cardi B?! What a strange night :stuck_out_tongue:

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These photos were entertaining.

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I loved Gwen Stefani’s neon yellow hue and now I want a dress in that color. These women really need to quit messing with their faces, including Gwen. The plastic surgery and fillers are scary. Amber Valetta reminded me of She-Ra – love her dress so much. Not sure who the other two girls are but love their looks too.

Ok, I’m slightly biased, but how good did Elon look?? And he brought his mom!