Missing swaps...what do do for now?

Anyone else here feeling gutted now that swaps is over? I know that there are a couple sites in the making, but right now I feel such a huge hole in my day to day browsing habits. I’ve been checking out Mercari, ebay, Poshmark, FB groups, Reddit. Nothing comes close. What is everyone doing to fill the void? And how will you now use the products you don’t want to get the products you do want?


I think for me when the “list an item” and “swap” buttons disappeared from the site, that’s when it really hit me. It’s soooo strange. I still have a couple of last minute swaps where items are in transit (2 coming, one going), so I’m kinda not done yet, but yeah, it’s super strange to not really get swap notification emails, or see new things posted, etc. Definitely the end of an era, and it definitely has left a hole.

For me, I plan to do a major purge of my swap stash (long overdue TBH) and donate a lot of it. The rest I will either try to sell, or hold onto and see what the new swap sites are like. Speaking of selling… anyone have any good insights on Poshmark vs. Mercari? I’ve sold just a few things through FB Marketplace, but it seems to me (someone correct me if I’m wrong), that beauty products don’t do so well there and that Poshmark and Mercari are better options for that. But if I’m being honest, they seem like more work than I’d like to put in, and also the fees seem high, which would require me to price higher than I’d want to. I figure I should try one, but I really only want to deal with one site, not both, but I don’t know which to pick. Any input would be appreciated.


Poshmark takes 20% and Mercari only takes 10% I believe unless that’s changed. I have always sold more on Poshmark. Especially for higher end stuff. However, I know there is tons selling on both. I see more used stuff on Merc.


I totally agree! Poshmark and Mercari seem to be way more work than fun. Swapping is so fun, selling on a marketplace, not so much :frowning: Plus, I’m not really into getting money for my items…I like getting the RV for RV…makes it so much more worth the time in my head…like I have something worth $100 that I don’t need, but can turn it into a $100 item that is worth it’s weight in gold for me. Not interested in donating because it’s the one thing in my life that is actually for me…I donate everything constantly…clothes, kids clothes, toys, books, kitchen supplies, food, furniture, shoes, time volunteering…skincare was supposed to be the one thing for me :sob:


Hi all,

Erin is working on developing a site to replace MSA which we are hoping will go live this month. There are also numerous buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook to tie you over until then. I have used both Poshmark & Mercuri and they can become expensive for you very quickly. Just my 2 cents. Below is the announcement Erin made about the new site a couple weeks ago that was listed under another topic on the forum.

“Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we are in the very early stages of investigating a web-based application to replace the MSA swapping site. As we continue assessing viability and development we may reach out to involve more people to help with testing and feedback. If you have not already done so and would like to be involved or participant in the future if things work out, please provide your email address to Elizabeth at woodall1880@hotmail.com. While we were hesitant to inform people prematurely, we also understand that others may be working on potential replacements and did want to inform people so that we don’t potentially duplicate efforts with other groups.”

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The swaps page was one of the websites I visited daily so I do miss it! I’ve been posting more on Poshmark and waiting for one of the new swap sites! Paying attention to other review sites now. I don’t want really give MSA “my business” any more.

I wonder if they’ll close down the forum now

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The new site Box-Swap is also going to have the ability to sell items. Like Elizabeth said, we’re hoping to be live this month. I really miss swapping, too…

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I think you have me mixed up with someone else and would appreciated it if you would delete your comments which are inappropriate and in no way apply to me. I have not worked for the last 10 years due to a serious auto accident and fortunately have never given any feedback that was not positiv