MSA Fur Friends

Hi everyone!

I love animals, and I would love to e-meet your extended family and friends.

To start off, here’s a corgi I am close to - his name is Toby, and he loves squeaky toys. He’s a darned demon, but I can’t help but spoil him with treats.


He is a BEAUTIFUL demon!

Here’s Olive. She’s a sassy lassy:


I have 5 dogs and am always happy to share them with people!
Here are some pictures of my weirdos on our last car trip. It is hard to get a good picture of all of them but I didn’t want to overwhelm with separate portraits!!! :slight_smile: :laughing:

Audrey is a 15-year-old rat terrier,
Lexi is a 10+ year-old jack russell terrier,
Mallory is a 7-year-old “rat terrier” but I just sent her sample in to embark (thanks to my sister for the awesome gift) and am pretty sure they are going to tell me she is an italian greyhound mix.
Prudence is a 5?-year-old yorkie,
and Lisl is a 2-year-old dachshund/terrier mix.
I love them to pieces and will brag about them all day!!!


Here’s my little monster. Cayde-6. I lost my sweet Amy Lee and Eris last year (former due to old age, latter due to rehome because she wasn’t handling the new baby well) and we got Cayde in April this year since the house felt too empty. He has been amazing with our daughter and he makes us laugh every day Processing: 20210728_180948(0).jpg…

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Welcome @janemockingjay! We’re glad you’re here! Cayde sounds like a sweetheart, and I’m sorry to hear about Amy Lee and Eris. I lost a pup last year, too, and it’s still hard. Our animals really are a part of the family.

Just a heads up that I can’t see the image you included. I think maybe it wasn’t fully uploaded when you posted? If you’d like to try again, I’d love to see your pic!


Here is my girl, Sace, she is around 15.


And my boys who are 3. The blonde is tigger, orange is Simba.


Awwww they’re all beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

@Kristin, aww, the bubbas! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sace looks just like the cat Scooter that I had in college. Initially, we were told he was just a regular farm cat, but he had these suspiciously large paws…

He ended up being a Maine Coon! Though he was an absolute doll, he acted more like a dog.

Thank you for sharing your cuties! :cat2: :purple_heart:

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I adore showing off my babies!

Mustache is the handsome chonk on the left, and Norah is the dainty flower on the right. It looks like they love each other, but really they just like warmth.

Badger the frenchie was a breeder surrender I have had since I took him out of his amniotic sac during a c-section performed where I work. He had a cleft palate and most breeders don’t want to deal with the work involved in feeding a baby who can’t nurse, so I tube fed him until he was old enough to eat solid food, then had his cleft surgically repaired once he was old enough. Inga the doodle was dumped in a high kill shelter at 8 weeks of age because she had a heart defect. It has since been surgically corrected and she is living her best life as my perfect angel.

I don’t bore you with ALL the chickens, but there are 12 feathered beauties out in the back yard who lay me beautifully colored eggs every day!


@bellium, thanks for loving that clefty dog. I have a special place in my heart for animals born with cleft palates! I had one myself (a cleft palate, not a pet with one).

Your animals are gorgeous, btw.
and the colors of those eggs… :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

First off, Mustache I love the name! Your kitties are beautiful!

:dog: :dog2: :hearts:

I think it’s wonderful that you took these babes in. My Wyatt from a rescue; he was a 4 month old stray, most likely a hunting dog that didn’t “perform” so they just let them fend for themselves, which I just can’t even fathom doing to an animal in general.

Now the chickens :heart_eyes: :chicken: their all beautiful but is the blue one a special breed? My step-dad is obsessed with chickens and I got him a “Chicken Whisperer” shirt because when he visits family that has them they literally just fall asleep in his arms. It’s crazy.

I love to see all of our animals in loving and caring homes. Thank you for sharing!! @bellium


@bellium you are inspiring, what beautiful animals.


The “blue” chicken, Blackjack, is a chicken mutt - they are commonly referred to as Easter Eggers because they can lay any color of egg (not a different color each time, each chicken will lay the same individual color), whereas a specific breed, such as a Rhode Island Red, will always lay a brown egg. Blackjack isn’t much to look at until she steps out into the sun, where her black plumage glows! She is my friendliest chicken, and likes to fly up onto my shoulder when I’m out spending time with them.


I’ve always wanted to keep chickens. Yours are beautiful @bellium!

So I have a question… and I’m not sure if it’s a silly question, but I’m going to ask anyway… is there any flavor variation between different colored eggs?


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I just looked down and my suuuper kooky Shi-Tzu Marco sleeping between my office chair and his bed.:joy::joy:


@tinacara , what a great picture! Such a cutie.


He’s such a little weirdo haha.


I just joined the forum and am happy to have my first post be my pups. :heart_eyes:

This is (L to R) Ella, Manny, and Bosley.

I also have 4 cats (yeah, it’s a zoo here) but they don’t deign to pose for photos.


They’re beautiful, @Sherri! Thanks for sharing!! :heart_eyes_cat: