My Boxyluxe and BoxyCharm base boxes are here!

I received both as PR in regards to my social media accounts, but I thought it would be fun to share them here. It’s the first time they’ve sent BoxyLuxe and I am in loveeee with it.


Would love to try that Elemis clay wash and Dae hair product.

I have only gotten one box. But, I got the Elemis I won’t use along with several other items I’m gonna swap or sell. Also the Wishful Honey Balm jelly Moisturizer, Keys Illuminating Serum, Rare Beauty palette and I have the Elemis Superfood Midnight Facial from prior. Also a bunch of stuff from FFF

Thanks for sharing! I stopped subscribing since ipsy buyout due to receiving repeat products, but your box seems nice.
What is the white box with purple writing “be” at the bottom.
Thank you.

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It’s a box of makeup sponges!

Update: I tried the dew of the gods mask that came in my boxyluxe box and I am a genuine big fan. Look at that color!

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You are so pretty, Jessica. Both with and without green face masks.:blush:

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