My Japan candy box is here!

I always appreciate how detailed the info booklet is- it personally makes the experience a lot more enjoyable for me.

This month’s box came with a few more smaller candies than this box typically would, which I think is in honor of Valentine’s Day/their candy day on February 15th. No complaints here! So far I’ve eaten the grilled garlic beef chips (these were puffed up which was a fun texture), and I’m excited to try the strawberry milk Kit Kat!


Aw so cool! I actually just ordered my first snack subscription box this weekend! It was on special for $1 for your first box this weekend! It’s called Universal Yums! It’s awesome because you can choose which country you want your snacks to be from, but also if you would rather have an assortment of snacks from multiple countries, you can do that also, which is what I chose! I’m super excited!

Hi @blairbrakefield - just a quick FYI, since I also subscribe to Unviersal Yums. That country choice or assortment is just for your first month’s box. Going forward you will get their country selection for the month. There was one slight exception though - March was planned to be Russia, but in view of current events, they understood that people might not want to receive a Russia box, and offered a switch it out for a few different countries or for their 2021 holiday box (which is from assorted countries). April will be back to whatever country they picked. It was quite clear whether you realized the choice was just for the first box, so I figured I’d mention it. If you already knew, please just ignore me. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I did read that actually. But thanks so much @Sherri ! And I honestly will most likely cancel my subscription after this first month. I really can’t afford this right now. I only signed up cuz of the $1 special. Unfortunately, I’m tight on funds right now…but since you’re already a member, what are your thoughts on the Universal Yums box? Have you liked the snacks and the variety is good? Any negatives?

I’ve really enjoyed it! For me, I like being able to try different snacks that I can’t access locally. Plus, it’s always good to have fun snacks around. :slight_smile: I do think the variety is good, it’s about half and half savory vs. sweet. The negatives… well, for me I’d much prefer it be weighted more heavily on the savory side, but that is just a personal preference. The other potential negative is if you have any particular flavor dislikes for flavors commonly found in snack foods. For example, I just can’t do coconut (the taste or the smell, actually). There was one box (I can’t remember which country) where like 3-4 different snacks all had coconut… yuck. LOL. So that was a big bummer for me. But I still think it’s worth it. I have heard that if you’ve been subbed long enough, they return to different countries and you start to see repeats of certain snacks. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but I guess I only see that as a negative if the repeat is something I didn’t like. There’s definitely a few I’d be very happy to have again.