New Beauty VIP Fall box

The live event is Wednesday. Did anyone else order the box and get shipping notification? I haven’t received anything. I think people usually start getting boxes today. I thought I would ask here before I try and reach them. Thanks.

Did you end up getting it? Shipping notifications are inconsistent. One time I didn’t get the initial shipping notification until after it was delivered. This time, I received notification on Monday and it was delivered Wed. But usually I get the emails the day before and they are shipped the day before.

This was one of my fave boxes bc (lol) there were things I received in past new beauty boxes. Usually I don’t want duplicates. But I squealed when I saw the beachwaver shampoo and conditioner (couldn’t swap for more of those to save my life) and the travel led mirror (i used previously swap bait and regretted giving it up lol!).

@tinacara I did get the box yesterday and forgot to come back and report. As I unboxed I had to laugh because I swapped with you for the mirror and forgot about it. I agree that there is so much skincare and value. I do wish we would have gotten some makeup.
I remember complaining to New Beauty in July that I never got the texts to buy. They had to send me a link.
Well never got the texts last night either. I was considering the luxury box. I got about 10 reminders for the event and get FGF but don’t know how I get skipped for the purchases at the end of the shows?"
Did you get the next box?

Lol, what are the odds of that! I also had a 2nd one, that I gave to my teen daughter, and was trying to take back recently but she refused! She was also laughing when she saw the mirror (I let her open my boxes bc she enjoys it as much as i do!). So funny.

That’s really strange and equally annoying about the missing texts. You don’t think you have blocked a certain # or texts containing certain words? I’ve done that with emails, trying to eliminate spam, and affected other emails I needed.

I did get the next box and admittedly cringed at the price tag. But I can’t help myself. I’m 100% certain I would have FOMO otherwise. Lol. I did finally cancel my test tube subscription, recently after like 10 years of having it, which makes me feel better about buying these. The TT was always my favorite, I just have too much product. And with swaps not really happening, I wanted to cut back.

If you’d like another set, feel free to message me to see if we can sort something out - I got this box as well and won’t use them (I can’t do stuff that smells like coconut). If not, no worries!

I am excited to try the Beachwaver coconut brand. I didn’t order the A1A bundle.

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To get the promo codes, go to New Beauty fb page and scroll down a bit to “Sept. event promo codes” for the link.

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Heck yes! I will pm you. :blush:

What is the a1a bundle?

@tinacara a1abeautybundle is a website that features one brand every month. It is very reasonably priced. The Beachwaver brand was in August. I don’t know if you can still buy past boxes or not? REN beauty is this month’s box.

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Here’s our AIA beauty brand page for more information!