NewBeauty Test Tube Immediate Price Increase

I received an email about a significant price increase for the test tube Thursday after 9pm. They charged my card today 26 hours later for the new price. I am so angry. You should have to opt in for a $20 price increase. I was planning to cancel until I could see a review of the new box because their regular box has been a huge miss for me the past couple of months.

I will for sure file a charge back if they don’t refund immediately.


I quit a few months ago and they weren’t too happy about it. That’s not how you lure people back. I do still pick up the VIP boxes though. I love going through those mega boxes with my daughter-in-law.

Oh my stars! They absolutely should have notified everyone in advance about an increase that substantial! How do they even justify that?

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@hopevillepondct, welcome to the forum!
I never did a VIP box before but I definitely am done with the standard ones.

@Kai-MSA Just posted the new TEST TUBE under the spoilers from their website!

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Just saw that and started writing a post about it–thank you @ebbgirls !
Will mention the price increase, etc.

And thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention, @amiradyer ; did they refund, or?

The first response was no refund because “ I had agreed to their terms” and the box was already processed. That was a Saturday morning only a day after the charge so I knew they didn’t “process” it already. I emailed back requesting to upgrade to a supervisor, requested a refund again and stated I would most definitely file a chargeback for fraud as I did not agree.

The response was they would refund as a one time courtesy and said they had given enough notice… they did refund.

Not too gracious! Wow. But at least you got your refund.

My question is that now that this is quarterly will the products still repeat as much in their VIP boxes? If that is the case not worth to get both??!!

There is a talkshop live now for the NBTT. They have a limited price for so many people tonight. $160.48 for the year if you log on and buy asap!!