News: Swaps To Be Discontinued From July 31, 2022

Upon careful consideration, we have reached the difficult decision to close the chapter on Swaps from July 31st. Swappers are encouraged to finalize arrangements and exchange emails with another (if desired) prior to this date, as the Swaps site will no longer be accessible and cease to operate. Thank you for 8 wonderful years of happy swapping - we look forward to bridging our shared love of subscription boxes on MSA for many more years to come.

There’s no other way to cut the cake- I know this is a bummer. The swap site has been a friend to me for many years and has allowed me to make new friends and find products I previously could only lust over. I know many of you may share similar sentiments, and if I’ve been able to swap with you in the past it’s been an honor.

The forum is not going anywhere- is there any interest in setting up some type of dedicated swap threads here? If so, what rules would you like to see? Have any general swap-related thoughts? I’m all ears.


Seriously?? Discontinuing what many of us consider to be the core feature of MSA??

Also, where was this announcement made? This is the first I’ve seen of it.

I honestly don’t even know what to say. I can’t begin to fathom what was behind this decision. When ownership of the site transitioned from Liz, there were a lot of changes and mistakes made. That’s not just me saying that, MSA admitted that themselves. You’d think that management would have learned not to do away with the things that the readers really care about and value (i.e., the things that made them return to the site). Apparently not.

I am trying extremely hard to choose my words carefully here, although I’m sure I’m not doing that great of a job. This is likely the last straw for many people who hesitatingly stuck it out through the transition and site revamp.

ETA: A month is NOT enough time. Period. So not only is the swap site being eliminated, but we aren’t even being provided with a reasonable amount of time to work out some final swaps before it is taken away. Frustrating, disappointing, and angering all around.


This is news to me and I would guess to almost everyone. The paragraph announcing the close of the swap site should be boldly highlighted at the top of the swaps page. The word needs to get out quickly so that many who have been holding on to items for a ‘better’ swap can rethink immediately. Based on the numbers very few MSA followers actually use the forum - so how are they going to hear about it? I will be re-requesting many swaps that have been turned down before the final date. This is very disappointing.


@Sherri @rnotherid there should be a banner going up with that same announcement on the swaps page today. I thought it would be best to get this news up on the forum as soon as I was able to. I know this is very frustrating and upsetting news.


Thank you Jessica.

What the heck? Why??


We cant even finish up any swaps by the end of the month?

What is the point of even coming here?


I actually never used the Swap feature/site because I found it a little confusing and intimidating. I discovered MSA when I was looking for spoilers.

That being said, I would be interested in a Swap section in the forum. Or even a way to unload unwanted products and only having people pay shipping (or not – it could be up to the “seller”). I remember there was a thread that to me was similar to swapping, but again, I didn’t necessarily want to trade items, just to pass on unwanted items to someone who would appreciate them. I don’t know if this would be allowed, but maybe some food for thought! :slight_smile:


@Amy-in-KC we are definitely open to making the forum a place for people to do this. I think we would need to tweak the forum rules to implement this, which is why we are listening to everyone’s ideas and feedback.


I am VERY bummed to hear this… I just saw it mentioned in a swap listing so came here to make sure it was true.
I know the swap side was getting unmanageable in size when Liz was here, but can’t we just go thru the listing database and delete the unused stuff out to make it viable?
I’m being 100% honest here, without the swap side I may not come back much at all to the main site.
sooo sad


I can’t imagine it is easier to set up a new swap site on the forum but I would be open to that. I feel like I don’t want to buy as many boxes now. I like to trade items that I cannot use.


Is there a way we can find each other on the swap site through this discussion section? I believe many of us would like to let others know our most important followeds to get in some last minute swaps.


WOW first I am hearing as well. I knew some changed possibly but closing it!?
I am literally heartbroken.
Is there a certain reason? like funding? I am sure tons of us would love to crowd source or something. Hell, I would even pay a membership fee.


Same, I will probably cancel all my boxes. Only reason I continue is knowing I can swap for what I don’t need/want(which is usually half a box). I have tried many other swap options and nothing works like this.


I’m sad to see this feature go! This was probably the main reason for using the site for all these years :cry:


You can request people’s swap ID #, and then find them by going to this URL:, where the ##### is their swap ID #.


This is me, too! I’ve traded on FFF in the past, though.

I’d be open to a swap section on the forum.


I am truly sad to hear this news. The swap site was my favorite MSA feature. I have made almost 800 swaps on MSA over the years.

Not sure it would work to swap here in the forum. It is chaos trying to determine which response goes with which comment, and I just foresee not being able to figure out which items are still available and what’s taken. I have enjoyed being able to keep pages of listings, like my personal inventory, in the system for all to search. I don’t see how we can do that here in the forum.

I hope MSA will reconsider. I think I need to start canceling a bunch of subs now.


Hi Sherri. I didn’t know we had swap id numbers. Just checked my profile and I didn’t see anything. Where do I find it? Thanks. Rachelle

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If you go to your own profile, it’ll be in the URL.