News: Swaps To Be Discontinued From July 31, 2022

@erijenmon I was wondering if there will be a fee to swap?

Thank you for the work on Box Swap! I appreciate that you and Elizabeth have been posting on these forums, as we get to have a little bit of an idea of who’s working on this particular site as well as some updates and ideas about the progress. It makes me more comfortable about transitioning to this new site when we get there!


I was confused when I read one of the job postings since it sounded like the ideas the former CEO had, which didn’t work very well here and were rolled back. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Good question. Yes, there will need to be a fee because it does cost money to use the website program and to host it. How much depends on what the community feels is reasonable and how many people join the website. The more people join the less the fee can be to cover the cost of the website. It can be either a monthly or annual plan and/or a fee per transaction that is paid by both parties. I’ve seen a comment that suggested $5 a month or $1-2 per transaction. It’s been pointed out that I can post a poll and maybe ask the question of what the fee should be. I’m open to hearing from anyone.


You’re welcome! I’m trying to be as open as possible. We’re at the mercy of the web developer right now trying to smooth out the swap process. Hopefully, we’ll be up and running soon! I wish we could have made it happen before the end of July…

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Hi, everyone. If you don’t mind providing feedback so we can try to meet your needs with the new Box-Swap website, please answer the question below:

What is a reasonable monthly swap membership fee I’d be willing to pay?
  • $1
  • $2
  • $3
  • $4
  • $5
  • $6
  • $7
  • $8
  • $9
  • $10

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Yes, I’ve seen multiple ads for non-sub-box products on Facebook lately that mention MSA. I guess there’s more money in it for them to go that way…

Although I voted to help give you an idea I’m pretty sure I’m out of the swap game after this weekend. Again, thanks for moving forward on this. There are still so many swappers with so many items.


It just happened to me as well. Wonder if it is the same swapper. This is the 2nd time in all the years I have been swapping, where I have been swap lifted and ghosted.

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Just a thought of something to do with the swap site closing down–I know many of us probably saved our listings in some way to use on another site. Something else I just did was to screenshot many of my followed listings, so that I can remember to look for them elsewhere (whether on one of the new swap sites that’s forming, Poshmark/Mercari/eBay, etc.). Just a thought in case someone else would want to do that, too!


Thank you

Hi again everyone,

Just wanted to clarify a bit about the decision to close Swaps. There were several factors involved, but please know that the decision was not made lightly.

The primary reasons to close Swaps were:

2-Low usage
3-Repeated swap miscommunication/fraud instances

We did consider a paid platform and calculated the rate per swap; due to the low number of consistently active Swappers throughout the year, the cost per person would be prohibitively high. Also, we’re still a small team at MSA; there is limited bandwidth to both maintain the Swaps site and manage repetitive instances of miscommunication, fraud and other issues. Ultimately the decision was made to close Swaps as the only recourse.

Again, we’re sorry that Swappers are disappointed with this outcome, but we certainly support the idea of new swap sites outside MSA and wish site creators luck with those efforts. And to those who have swapped with MSA over the years, thank you.

And a quick reminder: we’ve extended the time for existing swaps until Monday, August 8.



May be a stupid question, but why did it take til now and everyone asking and complaining so long for this to be shared?


@shannonleighcolley - I don’t think that is a stupid question at all. I was wondering the same thing myself.


Interesting I always looked at completed swaps and there appeared to be a lot of swaps going on. I wasn’t aware of swapping issues as I have not seen any new banned swappers listed in forever, maybe they started just removing them instead of leaving them grayed out. I can see the financial side of things, but with lack of timely spoilers and late reviews I can see less traffic thus less $$$ coming in.


I agree that a cut off date is appropriate and suggest that we use July31st.

Hi Friends,

Just an FYI that the swapping feature will still be cut off on August 8th as planned, however until Labor Day the website will be accessible as Read-Only to help with the transition. Next week a new banner should go up on the website stating the same.



Thanks for the update!

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Thank you for the explanation.

Why did it take so long for MSA to respond to us?

Of course, we can understand the cost of running it being an issue. The swap site was set up to add MSA in being relevant and making money in the Subscription box world. When I started swapping MSA worked to get more people to join the swap side. It was actively promoted and there was a lot of new blood that came to swap. Over time MSA didn’t fix glitches like the issue with emails regarding swaps never getting to our in-box. That lasted a good part of 2 years for me. It was shut down for quite some time during covid. Now MSA has been doing nothing to promote it so yes I can see that cost to swap is high at this point. You should have been promoting it and surely this doesn’t come as a revelation.

Again what is missed here isn’t just the cost of keeping the swap site going it’s that its decline caused myself and others to cancel our boxes. I’m down from a high of 20 boxes to only one. This is directly related to the inability to swap as the number of new people decreased. Your links are being used less because people can’t swap away things they could at one point.

I wrote to MSA asking if something could be worked out to take over the site by hosting myself and didn’t even get the courtesy of a no that isn’t possible.

As to the issues of fraud I’ve swapped 800 times and never been ripped off. That isn’t to say there aren’t people doing it but I do that it’s that large of an issue.