Open PR Lists and/or new Product testing sites?

Has anyone came across any open PR Lists or new product testing sites worth mentioning? I love being a part of different groups and lists to try new products and take photos and hopefully it will help future potential consumers!


I’m sure you’ve heard of Influenster, but that’s a good one if you haven’t! Ive received several VoxBoxes since joining two years ago. I’ve gotten some free products from Go Picky, PINCHMe, Sampler, Stackfluence, BzzAgent, Home Tester Club, and Giftly by Kickly. (Octoly is one too, but I’ve never been able to get anything from there. Supplies are very limited.)

I also get a lot of sample offers from Instagram. If you visit a certain brand’s page a lot AND their website, you’ll eventually get a targeted ad for a free sample. I just got a Tom Ford Parfum sample through one of those ads; no strings attached. No CC required and free shipping.


If you’d like a referral for giftly, you need a referral to join, freebies once a week or more often, please let me know I will send you one

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Yes thank you! My favorite is Influenster! I actually just got a Voxbox in the mail today! And yes I used to be able to catch a few Octoly products here and there but since I got a new phone, it’s like the notifications are delayed longer than on my old phone bc I haven’t been able to catch one in months! And the others you named are all really good ones! Thank you so much!

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Yes please that would be great! Do you need anything from me beforehand?

Pm me your email address ok

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