Pay it Forward!

Hi all!

I enjoyed this thread in the past, and wanted to bring it onboard.
It’s called “Pay it forward,” and basically this is an opportunity for you to clear your stash!


  1. If you claim an item, please offer something up so that this fun chain can keep going!
  2. Do not post your address in your comments. Please reach out to the person who’s item you have claimed to give them your details!
  3. Once your item has been claimed, please edit your post so that people know that it’s been claimed and by who.
  4. To keep this an enjoyable experience for all members, please be considerate about your claims.
  5. In the event that two or more members claim the same offering at the same time, we hope that you can amicably resolve it amongst yourselves. I have no doubt that the lovely people on this forum will step up, but a moderator will step in privately if necessary.
  6. At this time, please only offer up subscription box items. Do not offer non-subscription box items.
  7. If an item has not been claimed within a 12 hour window, we kindly ask that the person who offered it to offer something else, if possible.
  8. Multiple items from multiple people can be offered up simultaneously, as members can choose to give away items without claiming an item. I will try to update the availabilities weekly on Sunday to keep things updated and accurate.

Also, not a rule, but a guideline - since we are all here for fun - please try to keep your offerings fair. For example, if you claim a full sized item, try not to offer only a trial sized item.

I’ll start by offering up a set of the original invisibobble traceless hair rings (silver, rose gold, gold). I won’t be able to ship until the later of the week of 1/10.


@shar I’m so excited to see this thread come back! This was one of my favorites too!


Welcome @Caryn!

Thanks so much for this - I’m glad I’m not the only one!

I loved this one too!

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Are we able to send messages so we can share addresses?

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Yes! You can send a private message to any user in the forum. Simply click on their username and hit “message.” :slight_smile:


Oh please oh please someone claim my item, or offer something up.
I just can’t wait to see this thread in bloom :tired_face:


I would like to offer up a BEEKMAN 1802 HONEY & ORANGE BLOSSOM LIP BALM. :heart:


Welcome @kkkwells !

That’s awesome of you to jump right in!

Hope you have a great time on the forums!


Hi @kkkwells! I love that we are gathering lots of Angelas and Angies. Well, a couple, but I don’t usually see so many of us in one place! :joy:

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Yay! So glad to see this thread back! It was one of my favorites, too!

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Awesome thank you!

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Thank you for restarting this! This was one of my very favorite places as well!!! Hello again to all my old friends! Looking forward to many fun times again! I missed this forum!


Lots of interest here but no movement :frowning:

We have a set of invisibobble scrunchies, and a Beekman lip balm up for grabs!

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Hmmm. Time to dig through my stash. Any particular types of things people are looking for? I don’t know where to start I have so much. Lol


Hi @shannonleighcolley - thanks for jumping in! Anything from a subscription box you’d like to share with the forum would be acceptable :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Wondering if there is any flexibility in Rule #6? There is a store in my area, Meijer - think something in between Target and Walmart - that offers a monthly Beauty Box, that is available for purchase in-store. The boxes are similar to the old Target Beauty boxes (I miss those!) but the contents are a mystery (unless you scan a QR code, which never works for me so it’s always a mystery lol). Anywho, I have some items from the January edition that I’d love to see in the hands of someone who could use them, but technically it’s not a subscription box (although it is subscription box-esque). The contents would be odd to donate (you’d understand if you knew what they were lol) so this seems like a good place to offer them. But of course I want to be respectful of the rules.


Hi @Sherri! It’s absolutely okay if you’d like to include items from the Meijer monthly beauty box. Even if it’s not technically a subscription box, I think it’s close enough to be okay for this. Agree with you that it def feels subscription box-esque. I’m excited to see what you’re offering up! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for asking! Echoing @Lindsey-MSA’s thoughts here.


Hi all - offering up most of the contents of the Jan 2022 Meijer Beauty box. This month seems to be a “beauty from within” type theme. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these items; I would love to see them in the hands of someone that would use them:

  • XXEmergen-C Gummies, Immune + with Vitamin D, Raspberry (45 gummies)XX (Edit: these found a home, yay!)

  • Smarty Pants Vitamins – Women’s Formula (2 packs, 4 gummies total)

  • Smarty Pants Vitamins – Kids Formula (3 packs, 6 gummies total)

Everything is new and sealed. (Sorry, I’m keeping the Nuun hydration tablet and the collagen peptides.)

(And for anyone curious - Meijer is a store in the Midwest, think something in between Target and Walmart. They offer a monthly beauty box for in-store purchase, typically with the same sorts of things found in the Walmart beauty box. Theoretically you can find out the contents before purchasing by scanning a QR code on the box, but I always get an error message when I do that, so I just go for it anyway - they are only $4.99. This box had a value of $16.33. Another recent box had a value of $26.72.)