Please tell me this is just a display glitch… (Ipsy)

Oh Ipsy, say it ain’t so…


I saw that too… I’m assuming a glitch… surprised they don’t have anyone listed yet. Who would you like to see curate February?

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My vote is for Selena Gomez - would love to try some Rare Beauty products.

I can’t believe the only thing they’ve revealed so far is the bag. Either the supply chain issues really hit them hard (i.e. they aren’t really able to get the bag together) or they are still hoping to sell more of the November box (I can’t believe the discounts they offered for that bag) and they know announcing the next one will bring that to an end. Although on their IG stories they said today was the last day to get the November bag, so maybe some news tomorrow?


Selena Gomez would be amazing! Fingers crossed we get some updates tomorrow! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think it was a glitch! Looks like Ipsy is hinting that Addison Rae is the curator

Yep, I saw that - and have seen Addison Rae noted as definitively the next curator from a couple of sources to which I would imagine Ipsy provides spoilers. OMG, that was the worst grammar ever. In my defense, I’m only about 3 sips into my triple shot latte this morning. But yeah, I’m sure it’s her and TBH am hoping I don’t get a bag loaded up with Item Beauty products. I’m going to be keeping a careful eye on the spoilers, and may end up cancelling. And then perhaps picking it up down the line when they discount it to $35 like they did with the Huda bag.

I’m a regular Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber… I’ve never noticed but they don’t do this sort of thing for us do they? It’s just for Plus and X right?

Have a curator? That’s for GBX only.

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