Poll: Best Ballet Flats?

They’re not narrow as my feet are a bit wide. I feel like that’s the issue with Rothys, they’re narrow to me.

I love my tieks more than my Rothys as well. Tieks are nice because they are leather and mold to your feet. I mean Rothys do that to an extent but I don’t feel they do as well as the Tieks


So the Lissom’s are here… I am trying to get use to the arch support to be honest. I never realized how different it feels when you walk around barefoot, uggs, flip flops, ballet slippers, etc I will post my honest review in a few days. Intial thoughts…. Different… but I can see why people like them. Material stretchy and comfy. Very sturdy soles. More to come I promise! With pictures!


Well with age comes wider feet and needed arch support! I use to be able to wear anything, but no more I am sad to say… I can get away with both Clarks and Sketchers but not alot of walking!.

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