Poll: Which meal kit would you most like to try?

I’m curious. If you were given the opportunity to try any meal kit, which one would you choose?

Which meal kit would you most like to try?
  • HelloFresh
  • Green Chef
  • Home Chef
  • Blue Apron
  • Martha & Marley Spoon
  • Gobble
  • Sunbasket
  • EveryPlate
  • Dinnerly
  • Purple Carrot
  • Other (I’ll comment below!)

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I really enjoyed Territory Foods when I got to try it a month ago. The food was fresh and tasty. It’s just not super cost-effective for me right now, but I’d highly recommend it to anyone dealing with food sensitivities or wanting to jump-start a new way of eating for the new year.

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I’ve tried a few of them. Gobble was my favorite from that list. Now I get cookunity which is all cooked meals which I love. I live alone so it’s easy and huge variety of meals. They are all delicious and I love there’s different ethnic foods too!

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I’m a big fan of Gobble! Their flavors are on point and the portions are often really generous. I haven’t tried Cookunity, but I’ll check it out!

It’s so good. I can give you a referral code/discount if you want. I wasn’t sure if I could post it here.

Thanks for the offer @pamelaburns2, but yeah, posting referral links is against the rules. Still, I do appreciate the gesture. :slight_smile:

I just checked out Gobble; it’s crazy that this is another food subscription I hadn’t explored.

Next week’s menu looks insane, with the shrimp linguine butter & garlic sauce. I have zero self-control. :sunglasses:

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I am currently subscribed to greenchef (we’re on paleo diet right now) and daily harvest and both are delicious and super fresh but not the cheapest (I use coupon codes, Black Friday deals and double up with cc money back,etc). Gobble is the most gourmet box I’ve had, really good, satisfying portion sizes. I had an offer to come back for half off so I just treated myself to a box. I used HelloFresh for years but their prices have gone up and I heard the portions have maybe gotten smaller? Has anyone tried HelloFresh recently? I’d love to hear your thoughts because I don’t think we can afford greenchef forever…

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Welcome @lauraa!
I think I am going to try Greenchef next. Have you ever tried Sunbasket?

Welcome @lauraa!

My last HelloFresh box was a few months ago, and I didn’t personally find the portions to be any smaller than when I’ve previously ordered; however, I do think it depends which meals you pick. Some meals are bigger (and more filling) for sure. For example, check out the community review of HF from last year. The fritter dish that Jordan picked seems a lot less substantial than some of the stews and grain bowls the other reviewers selected.

FWIW, of all the meal kits I’ve tried, I’ve found Gobble has the most substantial portions. I’m a pretty big eater, and I’ve had several meals from Gobble that were big enough for leftovers (which very rarely happens for me with HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, or Green Chef).

I have not tried Sun basket but it is on my list to try!



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I have tried several of the meal services listed in the poll, and I gotta say that EveryPlate is the best in my opinion. I have been with them since early 2019, the selection is great, the cooking time is not too long, portions are big, and the price point is also good. It’s a well-rounded box and I have been enjoying it.

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Welcome to the forum, @Juliya! :smiley:

It’s awesome that you’ve had such great a great experience with Everyplate! I have to give them credit for delivering consistently great meals at such an affordable price point. My all-time favorite meal kit is still Plated. I LOVED Plated… they had this hoisin duck pizza that I still dream about.

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Thank you @Lindsey-MSA ! I haven’t tried Plated but the dish you mentioned sounds super delicious :slight_smile: I might give them a try. My favorite dish from EveryPlate is Southwest Pork Flautas, my family loves it so much that I always get a double meal on that when this dish is featured. :slight_smile:

Plated is no more, sadly! They shuttered a few years ago, but a few of their recipes have continued to haunt me. :ghost: :upside_down_face:

I wanted to try Daily Harvest. Has anyone here used it?


Yes! So the recipes are adventurous and interesting, but the thing to keep in mind is that everything is frozen. That’s absolutely no issue for things like ice cream and smoothies, but when it comes to pizza and harvest bowls it makes a big difference. I found the flavors to be consistently solid, but I’m not a regular subscriber because I prefer the majority of my meals to be fresh and not frozen. This might not be an issue at all for those who want to stock the freezer with healthy (and tasty) options, but it didn’t necessarily fit with my everyday lifestyle. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have the Tovala oven? I almost was sold with their Black Friday special at $49 and commitment for 6 weeks of meals. It seemed like a great deal. Waiting for the next one. Would love to review as a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator who plans meals for a living for people. I love trying all these services out for what’s truly practical and a good deal and healthy!

Hi @jordana! I have a Tovala oven! I got one to review for MSA about a year ago, and I absolutely love it. I probably use the oven every single day. It cooks amazingly well. $49 for the oven is an absolute steal, and I’d happily pay full price to replace mine if it went kaput.

I still subscribe to the meals occasionally (on my own dime), but my feelings there are more mixed. The portions can be a little small, and I sometimes feel the recipes could be a bit more exciting. That said, it’s very convenient.

As a dietitian, are there any meal kits or meal delivery services you think do a great job at delivering balanced, healthy meals? Curious if you have any favorites! And please report back if you decide to take the plunge with Tovala! I’d love to hear your thoughts on both the oven and the meals.

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