Poll: Which meal kit would you most like to try?

From this list, I’ve tried Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Purple Carrot, Green Chef, and EveryPlate.

Of all of these, I think I like Home Chef the most. They have ‘OVEN READY’ options that require minimal prep work or multitasking. (Don’t be fooled by the name. I was afraid I’d be getting frozen meals you pop in the oven which is not the case! They send you fresh ingredients that are ready to toss together in a disposable metal pan (Also provided) and bake! The veggies are chopped, the sauces are already mixed for you, the steps are short and sweet. It’s perfect for those that don’t have a lot of time to cook, but still want homecooked meals. :relaxed:


I’m in BC Canada, I use Freshprep for the past two years. I love it! They only give you what you need and most of it is pre measured and cut! Unlike Hello Fresh which tends to give a lot of uncut food - more prep time. Every recipe is for two servings at $24.50. Minimum order is $49 (2 menu recipes = 4 servings). I buy naan bread, probiotic, smoothie add ons. They have a great add on section too! Referral program is one free serving $12 value credit to person who refers.

Sounds like Freshprep in BC, Canada. Guaranteed that every recipe is 25-30 min from start to finish.

I haven’t tried one yet, but I want too!! We just became empty nesters and I am trying to cook for 2 instead of 4 and it is extremely hard!! I think a meal kit would greatly help transition me into cooking less. :slight_smile: