Sephora Sale

What are you guys getting/what did you already get during the Sephora sale? I’m a VIB and it starts tomorrow for me, I already have some stuff in my cart but I’m curious to know what everyone is getting. I have a bum bum cream, hair oil and a Nest candle in my cart.

I might get another Sephora Favorites hair care hydration kit. I like it so far.

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I also got the Sephora favorites hair kit! I got one last year and really enjoyed it, so I couldn’t resist this time, especially since I need a new mask. Also got the Mario badescu aloe and coconut water mist. Really excited to try everything :blush:

I’m adding this, I know!


This is so gorgeous! I’m inspired now to get a new eyeshadow palette.

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I love this topic.

I ordered the mini holiday must haves set + the makeup must haves set to review for the website.

For my personal shopping, I ordered the westman atelier foundation drops and foundation stick (why are these $68 apiece. Why are they so stunning???), the Peter Thomas Roth masking minis set that has their new purple mask exclusive to that set, the Sephora collection brush duo sets in 50 and 50.5 and 70 and 70.5, and the rare beauty highlighter. I definitely splurged, but I had been hoarding some amazon gift cards that I used to buy Sephora’s gift cards specifically for this purpose so I only was out of pocket like $30


That holiday must haves set looks so good! I’d love to see a Westman Atelier post/review if that’s possible, the brand looks interesting. I have the Color Wow root coverup powder and Rare Beauty mascara for my mom. I might get the mini perfume travel set and a compact- what do you think the nicest compact is? I like the Charlotte Tilbury but I’m not sure if I’ll like the powder.

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@mandi my review of the mini holidays must haves set is up!

I can’t directly link my social media in order to be compliant with our community guidelines, but if you head to my TikTok you can see a first impressions of the the WA products that I posted. Still using them more thoroughly before I give a more thoughtful opinion :slightly_smiling_face: