Sheet Mask Selfie 😊

Haven’t shared a sheet mask selfie in a while, and I thought it would be nice to start a new thread for everyone to post their sheet mask selfies.
This is the i dew care unwind sheet mask I did today after trying a clay-based mask from Dew of the Gods.
Tip: take scissors and cut the mask at the bridge of your nose. This really helps the mask fit my face better!


I’m doubling up this evening—TonyMoly green tea eye gels from my stash, and a new 2Days tea tree mask from Ipsy add-ons.


You look so cute! I love double masking.

I didn’t do a full sheet mask today, but I used eye masks and applied extra on my cheeks because my rosacea cheeks looked extra flushed.


Aww, thanks! Same to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Using eye gels elsewhere on the face?? Genius! I will be doing that in the future!

I’m sheer masking tonight, but can’t get a SFW selfie. Lapcos makes a bikini mask, and the first time I heard of it I thought it was novel. But then I tried it for a review, and now I keep one in my fridge all the time because it feels amazing on freshly waxed skin. I got my brows shaped too, so I have a mask on my face too😆

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Any recommendation for post waxing sheet masks? :pray:


These are the ones I use! Calming Bikini Mask – LAPCOS

These are the eye masks I like to use after getting my brows waxed because I always keep my jar in the fridge, but I think any hydrogel eye mask would work well too.

If you meet facial waxing beyond brows, I think any sheet mask would work well honestly, especially if they’re hydrogel and especially especially if you kept them in the fridge. My favorite hydrogel masks are by Knesko but I can only afford them when BoxyCharm offers them on super sale. A way more affordable sheet mask brand I really like that has a kinda hydrogel texture but thinner is Florapy, you can get them on Amazon (legitimately) and those ones feel really nice when refrigerated too.

Thank you!
Time to ‘utilize’ my hydrogel masks :joy:

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