Silliest Sheetmask Selfies!

Sheet mask Saturday/Sunday is coming!

I bought some very bizarre, but useful, silicone sheet mask covers and they inspired me to start a weekly ritual: SILLIEST SHEETMASK SELFIES!

It’s super simple. Either on Saturday or Sunday, pose for the silliest selfie you can…while wearing a sheet mask, and post to this thread.

Each week the community will vote on their favorite selfie. To vote, heart the post with the picture of your favorite selfie. You may heart as many as you wish, but the post/photo with the most hearts wins.

Besides bragging rights, every week I’ll send the winner one of these creepily useful silicone mask covers! They’re great for those stubborn masks that refuse to stay on your face! With it holding your mask on, enjoy a bubble bath, do yoga or play a video game; this weird thing will keep your mask in place!

Special thanks to @Jessica-MSA for the inspiration!


Love this! Can’t wait to see everyone’s silly selfies. And thanks @Kate.Kemp for offering up a prize for the silliest snap!

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Do you have a link to those that you have bought and like? Ty!

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The ones I bought are currently unavailable but These are similar.

But please, post a silly selfie! I’m mailing a free one each week for a month!

This is the one I use! Shipping is $3.95 at the moment, they do run a dollar shipping sale periodically but one just ended a few days ago so I doubt there will be one again soon. If you create an account though you can get points for $5 off, $10 off if you click all of their social links (just click, no need to actually have an account or interact)

A lot of their skincare is surprisingly solid imo, and a warning if you’re nosing around that their skincare organizers are smaller than a standard sheet mask but still nifty!



Just a reminder that it’s Sheet-mask Saturday/Sunday!

Let’s see some silly selfies!

Ok @Kate.Kemp , so I’m early… got this is the mail today from BuzzFeed and had to try it!



Early is perfectly fine! We should pamper ourselves everyday!

Those are some great selfies!

I was making goofy faces and my husband was looking at me like :roll_eyes:. :joy:


Bliss Marshmallow Mask :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey! No fair editing!! :joy:


Not a sheet mask but I’m making with the eminence calm skin arnica mask (beloved favorite of mine) on my cheeks and Peter Thomas Roth firming 24k gold mask on my forehead while sipping tea. Soon I’ll be masking while eating Indian food.

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To be fair, editing doesn’t count toward the prize. :wink:

Yes! I prefer that kind if mask! Tea and a mask; what a great self-care idea!

:musical_score:”My bologna has a first name ….” :musical_score:

Come on, admit it. You used to play with your bologna when you were a kid! Now you can do so, only without that stinky smell on your face ladies! (Because I would have had a real issue if this thing had smelled like meat!)

For a $5 price for a “novelty” mask. It was decent. I like that it was two pieces and was not too huge for my face like a lot of masks. However, I left it on 20 minutes and there wasn’t leftover “essence” for my face to drink up. My face wasn’t still really nice and well moisturized and glowing. (But I do have dry skin, so that might differ from you!)

All in all, not a bad mask. Just nothing to jump over the moon at. Cute though.

Did you get yours yet @Jessica-MSA ?

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This post made me laugh so much! I love the pics. You almost don’t even have to be silly, the mask does the work! LOL

Plus I loved that you did a review of it. It may not be the best skincare treatment but it certainly is the funniest! Where did you get it? I think it would make a cute gag gift!

Thanks! My cats didn’t come running so I knew I was ok. :joy:

It’s funny bc in the trash this morning it dried up a little and is lighter. It looks like bologna that was “left out” :face_vomiting:


Oscar Mayer Bologna Hydrogel…

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I just read some of the reviews for it on Amazon… :joy::rofl::joy:

They’re quite entertaining!!

@shannonleighcolley yes, mine are here. Who on earth put bologna on their face as a kid?!

Also, pro tip: if you pluck or waxed your brows, hydro gels that you put under your eyes actually feel great over your eyebrows and soothe that skin.
Case in point:

On the brows: Peter thomas roth water drench eye gels.
Under the eyes: PTR potent c eye gels

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