Silliest Sheetmask Selfies!

I’ll have to go read them!

Great idea! Cute too!

Oh, and I have seen kids poking the holes out for eyes and holding their bologna up to their face playing with their food when babysitting when I was young!

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Congratulations @shannonleighcolley !!

You’re the first winner of the silliest Sheetmask selfie! That bologna mask is something we’ll all remember for ages!

PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you a silicone Sheetmask cover!

There are still 4 up for grabs! See ya next weekend!

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Love this!

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:kissing_heart:Thanks. Will do

Ty for my mask holder. I didn’t use it today because I wanted to see through it to see the minions today. :joy:


That Sheetmask is so pretty!! I see why you didn’t use the mask cover!!