Spoiler Alert! (August)

It’s August, let’s do it! Do you love hunting down spoilers as soon as they’re released? We want to see them! Collect those spoilers and share them in this thread. The top three spoiler scouts will win a prize–and one contributer will be chosen at random to win too!

One contributer will be chosen at random to win a $20 gift card after we award the other three gift cards. To be eligible, you just have to post at least one spoiler in this thread during July.

All gift cards this month will be from Amazon.

Here are the rules:

:eight_pointed_black_star: Subscription boxes of all shapes and sizes are fair game.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Only the first post for a given spoiler counts, so be quick!
:eight_pointed_black_star: Spoilers must be posted in this thread, the title must be clear, and the information must be accurate.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Valid entries must contain a screenshot or link to the spoiler. Please provide as much information as you can about what the spoiler is and where you found it. Valid entries must contain a screenshot or link to the spoiler. YOU MUST INCLUDE WHERE YOU FOUND THE SPOILER IN ORDER FOR THE SPOILER TO COUNT! Screenshots from other review sites do not count.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Each verified submission will count as one entry. Participants with the highest number of entries will win.
:eight_pointed_black_star: All forum community members (including community mods) are welcome to participate. MSA employees, contractors, writers, and team mods are not eligible to win.
:eight_pointed_black_star: This contest begins now and runs through the end of the month.

So what counts as a spoiler?

A spoiler is :

:+1: The full contents of a subscription box.
:+1: A single item reveal.
:+1: Customization option reveals.
:+1: Guest curator reveals.
:+1: An announcement that a box will feature a particular brand.

A spoiler is not :

:-1: A theme reveal.
:-1: An announcement that a box will have or exceed a particular value.
:-1: A menu from a meal kit or food subscription.
:-1: An unboxing or review of a box or item that has already been posted or spoiled. For example, if we know all the possible choice items for FabFitFun, a picture of your box with the actual items does not count as a spoiler.
:-1: A full box reveal (after the first initial reveal) for a subscription with variations. For example, for a subscription like Ipsy where not every subscriber receives the same thing, only the first posted box reveal counts.
:-1: Anything from a digital subscription. New shows on Netflix, guest trainers on a workout app, new albums on Spotify… nothing digital counts towards this initiative.


We’re giving away prizes to August’s top three spoiler contributors and one random contributor.

:1st_place_medal: First place will win a $100 Amazon gift card.
:2nd_place_medal: Second place will win a $50 Amazon gift card.
:3rd_place_medal: Third place will win a $25 Amazon gift card.

:medal_sports: One contributor, chosen randomly, will win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Official contest rules can be found here .

Boxycharm base sneakpeak
(From instagram)

Allure new member. Website. Others instagram and emails

Processing: 95409BF1-0649-43D1-88A2-6EB3CFBADBC3.jpeg…
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I am not at home. Memory here. GQ quartered box. Website. INKU Japan Crate website. 180degree a bracket. Instagram Beautyfix website. Getcasely from email. Pick one. PuraVida bracelets and jewelry club. Website.Tribe beauty instagram, Mintd instagram monthly plus a limited edition box coming, finders seekers London mystery from email.Ellie from email. Beauty Heroes Instagram. BOTM fromwebsite, Silver Swag from instagram, Sparkle Hustle Grow instagram

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Meowbox August
Ice Cream Purrlour theme
Pic of all items

Bespoke Post
Terra - Award Winning Field Knife

On Reddit
Full spoilers

Adore Me
New August Picks
My curated closet
New items
Emailed them checked website

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Glossybox is the spoiler eye palette from website.
Extra outfit from Ellie from email
This is the Parkspicks from Dermwarehouse. Website
Sorry folks. My other for Ellie outfits is. It working. If you to website you will see selections.


I can tell you that is not the September VIP box for New Beauty. It is a limited edition box worth $600+. All of these items except the silver looking ball roller were just in the limited edition box for July. I bought it. Not sure where the posted pic from. NBTT will have a Fall box as they went quarterly so who knows if they might put some of these in that box? Just wanted to make a comment about this. Thanks.

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Yumetwins Sept. magical moon festival. Sign up by 8/31. From website

Kinder Beauty Box. From website. Chose galaxy glow or cosmic cleanse.

Barkbox. Italy. From Instagram

The Crafters Box. From website

Sakuraco Japanese snack box. $37.50 one month. From website.

NMNL Sept. box. Order by 8/31. $35. From website

Tokyo treat. Sept. Moon Festival Munchies. Order by 8/31. From website.
Macys beauty box. From website

Look Fantastic August “hydrate” from website.
Laurel&Reed from Instagram
Etoile box from Instagram

A1A LYS beauty. A nice photo of all items now. $38. Instagram

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I thought it looked odd!! Ty!!

Vellabox August
Full spoilers text
Insta post, stories & reel

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Naturally Crated
Full spoiler pic
From Insta


Bootay Bag
August subscription options
All types/versions of boxes
Full spoilers

Authentic books
August choices
From Insta

Howtobearedhead summer deluxe box. $68. From Instagram

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Unplugged book box
YA box
Theme and 1st spoilers
From Insta

Sweet Reads Box
Halloween & Christmas LE Boxes
Available for order now
From Insta

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The Hope &Change Box. $40. From Ellen shop website. Looks like a prior box

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Moms & Babes Box
Full Reveal

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Wizarding World. $39.99 +shipping. Order by 9/3. From website. Lootcrate

Deadpool quarterly crate. $49.99+shipping. From website

LootAnime monthly. $29.99+shipping. Website

LootFright. $34.99+shipping every other month. Website

MarvelGear+Goods. $36.98+shipping. Every other month. Website

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Sleep & Body Birthday Edit
For their bday
Full spoilers

Summer to Fall Theme
Edit Preview
Spoilers to follow

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Rick&Morty. $39.99 every 3 months. Website

Firefly Cargo Crate. $49.99+ship. Every 3 months. Website

TheElder Scrolls Crate. $49.99+ship. Every 3 months. Website

Fallout Crate. $39.99+ship. Every other month. Website
Loot Tees. $13.99+ship. Monthly. Website

Loot Socks. $9.99+ship. Monthly. Get 2 pairs. Website

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Found on Reddit
Full spoilers
Beauty Crop takeover box

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Love Pipsticks
From Insta
Regular & kids subscription packs (2 diff subscriptions)

  • (partial spoiled already? If so, sorry!)
  1. adult

  2. kids

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Reveal of my ipsy bag. From website.

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