🚨 Spoiler Alert! (June)

Trendmood from Instagram. Keys sheerflush cheek tint and brush.

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Trendmood (from IG) - set of 2 COMFORTING TINTED LIP BALMS from Keys Soulcare (I think this one got missed so I’m posting, but apologies if it’s a duplicate)


The complete Trendmood box. $44. On sale tomorrow 10am.
I wanted to post this all together now since I just got price from Instagram.

Best of Dermstore xSkin Cancer Foundation Sun Care Kit. $50($150 value) from instagram.

Ipsy Glam bag from Ipsy website.

Fruitforthought gifts. July. Key lime rum cake. From Instagram

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Mani x me box. Full spoilers for July. From email.

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Ipsy glam bag plus bags (from email).

SeeNew Skincare. July/August from Instagram


180Degrees biz. July from website. Mudmasky 3in1 shampoo with a scalp massager.

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Cratejoy Kids’ Summer Series Bundle - $129.99 (From website).


Limited Edition! Unbox Cratejoy’s 4 Box Summer Series for Kids! Four all-inclusive, fun, and unique experiences for ages 5-10.

Fruitforthought gifts. July key lime bath bomb. From Instagram

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The naked beauty box. Summer. From Instagram
Beckmann 1802 Seasonal Bounty Tote Subscription. From website. $60. Renews every 90 days.

The Glossybox Female Founded Limited Edition Collection. From website. On sale for subscribers June 23-$30-35
Burt’s Bees Mystery box from website. $35 for 9 products. Free shipping. PS. I forgot about these. I used to get them and a good value.
JournalJunk box. July. Vintage
Pink stickers from instagram

See new skincare from instagram. 5 items and brand announced tomorrow
Earth Harbor is the brand!! From Instagram

@ebbgirls Thank you. Some of those boxes are on my subscribed/wanted list :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yay…SeeNew with 5 products from (possibly) earth harbor! :heart_eyes::heart:

I agree on the Burt’s Bee Mystery Box. It’s good value & good variety too! :+1:
They had a least 3 lip balms usually.
There are cream, cleanser, lotion, sheet & non masks, toothpaste, lippies (not including lip balm) & others (I forgot).
But I didn’t get one last year, so it might change, especially now with price hikes, inflation, supply chain issue, etc.

@Kai-MSA Is there a way we can reply to picture instead of the whole thing? Thank you.

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Hey! Not sure there is. I’ll tinker about and see if I can come up with a different solution just in case, though…

Breo Box Summer 2022 Full Reveal
(From email).
The email said full reveal but only 5 items shown.

Thank you! :pray:

@callmeinge It makes me happy that I am useful. I keep finding new boxes and I am never sure if I should try them. Maybe we should make a thread to see if anyone has tried them out?

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That is the full reveal - I got my summer Breo box a week or two ago and it was only 5 items.

Naturisimo Discovery box. From email.

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Was there any thread about off radar boxes before?