Spoiler Alert! (May) + Something New!

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from Beckmann 1802 this weekend only. Body care tote bundle. $50 for the $98 value one. Includes 9oz bar soap, lip balm, face wipes from pure milk collection. One Sunshine body scrub and one large tote.
The Lavender love bundle is $42 and includes 9oz bar soap, 3.4 ozhand cream, lip balm, face wipes all from lavender collection and the limited edition tote. There is a lovely story about the tote bag.

FYI - There are some spoilers out for May Boxycharm Premium on MSA. However, I received my box and my several of my items are not on the spoilers yet. Just thought I would list them. Elemis Superfood Midnight Facial, Dew of The Gods Froze Lip Scrub, Sutra Beauty Rejuvenating Hair Serum. (The others I can confirm that were spoiled are Cover Fox gripping primer, AAvrani Blance restarting serum, KVD Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick.

Bombay and cedar (from email).

Glossybox US. From Instagram

New Sephora Luxe box dropping this week. I see (I think!) Gisou, LaMer, Tatcha, YSL, Flowebomb, and a mascara (that I think is YSL).

Source: email (I screenshot only the box for a better view).

StrongSelfie teen box for May. From Instagram

Vegancuts May snack book and the beauty box. Both from instagram

Canadian beauty box Summer. Water bottle will say be kind or mantra. From Instagram
Lit Love Book June picks. From Instagram
Look Fantastic May. From email
Ipsy Glam Bag X August curator info from my May newsletter box.

Owl Crate May. From email.

From the Supergoop website.
Pre order the Be Kind Ellen box for summer. 7items. $54.99 if you subscribe. $69.99 for one time box. From website.

Found this searching pride month for Macys beauty box. June box.

Finally from the website. Quarterly tube now $59
Fruitforthought May from instagram
Bombay&Cedar Summer Lifestyle from email

Boxwalla June book box. Choice for you and the. 3 choices for you to pick one. From email.
Glossybox US May. From Instagram

My Paper Box June. From email

Practical Magic May. From Instagram

June Ipsy bag&spoilers. From Ipsy Reddit page. I looked on Ipsy website and I cannot find it. FYI
Bombay&Cedar May spoiler from email. Choose your color.

Bombay and cedar (from email)

3 color choices for June Ipsy. From Reddit. When someone resubscribed they were given these colors choices. Still nothing on site that I see. FYI.

Tarte custom kit coming soon!

Source: Text message from Tarte

I heard (via social media, so this part is unofficial) that it’s May 17. EDIT: UPDATE: Confirming May 17, by way of their website: https://tarte.attn.tv/p/ocr/landing-page

Fruitforthought June. From Instagram

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Fortune cookie soap limited edition collection (from email).

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Fortune cookie soap may box, fiull spoilers, from FCS underground (on Facebook)


Norlii June. salad set from instagram

Bombay&Cedar Lifestyle Summer. From email

Bombay and cedar (from email)

May full spoiler from Emma & Chloe (from email).

Ipsy website. official June spoilers for glam bag. This is Glam Plus. The other 3 that I listed are now on Website!
This the Glam bag + spoilers on website