🚨 Spoiler Alert! (September!)

It’s September! Note: advent calendars will no longer be counted as spoilers You can still post them to share, though!

Do you love hunting down spoilers as soon as they’re released? We want to see them! Collect those spoilers and share them in this thread. The top three spoiler scouts will win a prize–and one contributer will be chosen at random to win too!

One contributer will be chosen at random to win a $20 gift card after we award the other three gift cards. To be eligible, you just have to post at least one spoiler in this thread during September.

All gift cards this month will be from Amazon.

Here are the rules:

:eight_pointed_black_star: Subscription boxes of all shapes and sizes are fair game.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Only the first post for a given spoiler counts, so be quick!
:eight_pointed_black_star: Spoilers must be posted in this thread, the title must be clear, and the information must be accurate.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Valid entries must contain a screenshot or link to the spoiler. Please provide as much information as you can about what the spoiler is and where you found it. Valid entries must contain a screenshot or link to the spoiler. YOU MUST INCLUDE WHERE YOU FOUND THE SPOILER IN ORDER FOR THE SPOILER TO COUNT! Screenshots from other review sites do not count.
:eight_pointed_black_star: Each verified submission will count as one entry. Participants with the highest number of entries will win.
:eight_pointed_black_star: All forum community members (including community mods) are welcome to participate. MSA employees, contractors, writers, and team mods are not eligible to win.
:eight_pointed_black_star: This contest begins now and runs through the end of the month.

So what counts as a spoiler?

A spoiler is :

:+1: The full contents of a subscription box.
:+1: A single item reveal.
:+1: Customization option reveals.
:+1: Guest curator reveals.
:+1: An announcement that a box will feature a particular brand.

A spoiler is not :

:-1: A theme reveal.
:-1: An announcement that a box will have or exceed a particular value.
:-1: A menu from a meal kit or food subscription.
:-1: An unboxing or review of a box or item that has already been posted or spoiled. For example, if we know all the possible choice items for FabFitFun, a picture of your box with the actual items does not count as a spoiler.
:-1: A full box reveal (after the first initial reveal) for a subscription with variations. For example, for a subscription like Ipsy where not every subscriber receives the same thing, only the first posted box reveal counts.
:-1: Anything from a digital subscription. New shows on Netflix, guest trainers on a workout app, new albums on Spotify… nothing digital counts towards this initiative.


We’re giving away prizes to August’s top three spoiler contributors and one random contributor.

:1st_place_medal: First place will win a $100 Amazon gift card.
:2nd_place_medal: Second place will win a $50 Amazon gift card.
:3rd_place_medal: Third place will win a $25 Amazon gift card.

:medal_sports: One contributor, chosen randomly, will win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Official contest rules can be found here .

Also, posts that were made on 9/1 (in the August thread) will be counted!

You might want to change this from July! Lol and the heading to September.

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Pura Vida bracelet club and Jewelry club. Website
Kinder beauty from website

Allure box has 7 items and 4 full size. Website.
Beautyfix website

Ellie outfits from website.
HerMine box from Instagram

Kiinder& Mintd from website

Doki Doki Slumber
Party from website $45.95
Japan Crate from website

Umai Crate. Website
Inku Crate. Website
FYI. Theses crates from Japan are the October boxes.
Slayglam from instagram

SimplyEarth. From website

The Office Fall box from website

The Nick box from website

The Bikini Bottom box. From website

Friends fall box. It also has a bento box, and collectible cup. I might have posted that last month. Website

Supernatural fall box. From website
Boxwalla October from Instagram. Black tulip.

A1A REN full spoilers $38 From website

Liveglam website. $21.99
Kidstir from instagram
BeautyHeroes from instagram

Universal Yums website. Pick you first place snack box.

Therabox. Snooze theme from website. 8 full size items.

Campus Cube. Starts$29.95.website
September back to school theme

They had each month posted for rest of year. Enjoy.
Vellabox from email
Anchor of Hope box. Instagram. 2 prints.

Dang woman! I go out for the day and you go to town!!! I’m headed right back out to another dr appt too! :joy:

I did notice that I posted the Beauty Heroes, Therabox and Vellabox same spoilers on the last page … but dang! Keep up the great work! You’re making me tired!

Silver Swag Box
From email
Full spoilers
Also $30 off subscription for Labor Day!

Laurel&Reed from instagram
Introverts Retreat. Cratejoy to buy.

Stickii cute, pop and vintage packs. From website

Lit love box. Oct book picks $80 monthly. $5.99 :us: & :canada: Free ship

Parks Picks by Dermwarehouse. Website. $30

Knitcrate early preview. Western Sun theme Website

Let’s go eco Fall box. From Instagram

Trendmood says not a takeover but more products coming. Instagram

1st Horror Haul Box
On website


September Vegan Beauty
Nuria eye cream
David’s toothpaste
3 other items


Allure New Member Box
From website


Novica Undiscovered Artisian Box
Their website

Gosh yes to making sure everything says September lol! Fixed.

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Mice
Meowbox September
Pic of spoilers
From email

Trendmood Instagram
Authentic books. Instagram

Dionis Fall box. $40. Website. Ships 9-30

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Adore Me
Monthly Showroom
This is for my September box
From website

Uploading: 7C5B935C-035E-4ADE-8C9A-9F7514463E35.png…


Just Fab
My September Closet
From email then website


Bespoke Post
New September Box
Camp blanket that turns into pillow and sleeping bag
From e-mail


Nourish Beauty
All 4 spoilers


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QVC TILI box. $25. Website
Barkbox. Back to school. Instagram

Ipsy glam bag and + spoilers from my account

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Fruit for thought
LE pumpkin bakery themed box
Ships 10/3
Twice size of normal box
Scented, flavored and colored gifts to go
with the theme. There will be a heavier focus on
edible treats, but will also include home and bath products


Fruit for thought
Carrot cake theme
Fall scents
cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla
etc. Our October box will include
scented gifts, kitchen products and
yummy treats curated to go with our
carrot cake theme!

More spoilers to come!


In Good Company Nails
Fall color spoilers


Knit cate
Western Sun theme
Just Fyi - Insta
More to come


ASOS Beauty Box Sept
Their website


Tiered Tray Decor

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Trendmood#17. Kinship.

Look Fantastic LE beauty box. $35. From website. Not an advent calendar!!
brand coming Instagram

Boxwalla October 2nd item. Instagram
Look Fantastic website. The Holiday Beauty Bag. $55.20. 18 items

Bijoux box from Instagram

FFF has put together four beauty boxes in the shop. Current members can get them or a new member can get one fro $25. From instagram
Owlcrate from email
Trendmood Kinship serum from instagram

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Cohorted x Think Pink Box
Breast cancer
Next Month
Features Radiant Booster Device
And lists other brands


Fruit for thought -
October Carrot Cake
Features 4 Fall Scents


The Jilly Box
Add on item
Poppy Peonies tote


4 Eavenly Box
Fall box


FYI - October Cat Lady Box is
Black Cat Themed box just in time for Meowlloween. Insta. More to come


Thinking we have spoiled Sept Cat lady but just in case ……
cat lady couture & shoulder bag


September Miss Muscle Box
Full spoilers reveal


Just an fyi!!
1st style beauty advent calendar
Latest in beauty
Including bc it’s a big one
25 full size premier products
From email


What’s available in the Allure store now - different beauty box and items
From reddit


New beauty box out 9/5
OK (Magazine) Beauty Box
From UK
5 items plus voucher for 2 free magazines
1 free gift as well right now


Naturisimo box from email.

Boxyluxe Fall box. Natasha Denona palette & Pat McGrath labs eye. Instagram

Boxycharm premium & base. Instagram
imageBoxycharm base from website.

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Well that stinks. The Jilly box is sold out. Can’t even sign up for a subscription. It looks really awesome.
The OK magazine beauty box is UK only.
I guess you are saving me money.lol

Therabox LE boxes. From email.

Anchor of hope box. Instagram
Boxwalla Book box for Oct. Instagram

Calling all black cat owners. This is a special black cat box items. Instagram

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Wow! That was fast on the jilly box!