Sunday Check-in- how are we doing?

Hi friends,
How are you doing? How was your week? Are you excited for next week? Anything you want to talk about or weighing heavy on your mind? I’m here to support you and cheer you on :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Jessica-MSA Thanks for asking. Some stress was released as my daughter graduated from college last weekend. It was a blast.
I received my Shape Lab Beauty box today and I look forward to checking it out this week as well as my Ipsy Glam Bag X. New masks here I come!
I miss the quarterly Paper Source lifestyle box and want something to replace it. I just can’t find a box to do that.
What did you get that was new this week?


Hope you are doing well! Yesterday was my “anniversary” of the day I met my husband. We had dinner plans but I have had a migraine all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: weekend. I did get a pretty necklace though. Lol. Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Thanks for asking!

The past two weeks at the office have been hectic, and show no sign of slowing down. While excited for all that’s in store, that doesn’t mean I’m not human and don’t get tired. I feel exhausted, and wish I got paid more, but don’t know what to do.

Glad the weather is looking warmer now though :slight_smile: That’s always a plus!

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I had a decent week. The students are almost done with school, the seniors have left for the school year (they use the last month to work on a senior project) so it will be way more calm at work now!

As far as subs go, I got two months of Vellabox and both were disappointing. March was an extremely strong floral scent when unlit but the included scentbird perfume was really nice, and April I couldn’t even smell but the plant holder turned out to be really useful when one of my tulips broke off.

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Hi @ebbgirls Congrats on your daughters graduation :slight_smile:

My glam bag x arrived last week. I was surprised by how small the ice globes were! I’m still excited to use them but I thought they’d be bigger.

The new thing in my life isn’t from a subscription box but I’ve been enjoying them immensely- the Pursoma cleanse your mind bath salts. The lavender eucalyptus scent is dreamy and invigorating when my sinuses are stuffy.

Oh no, @shannonleighcolley I hope you are feeling better!! Happy anniversary :smiling_face_with_tear:

What kind of necklace did you get? Did your hubby get it all by himself, or did he do it after some helpful “hints” pointed him in the right direction.

Hi @shar !

I definitely get that overwhelming feeling with work. The only thing that helped with my day job was personal growth and therapy :sweat_smile:

I hope you get some peaceful rest soon. Hang in there friend!

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Hi @anDreama !

Those tulips are so beautiful! Bummer about the Vellabox candles though. I’ve been burning my Otherland Woodlands candle this evening, and it’s been making me happy.

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No. I had no idea. We have a great jeweler though. She’s the manager at Reeds and she always points him in great directions. I have some gorgeous diamonds! This is a 14k white gold necklace. I think that they are nicknamed the paperclip necklace. (Choker actually) It’s a crappy picture bc it shines beautifully!


So pretty! And it looks like the kind of necklace you could wear every day if you wanted to!

Yeah. If you didn’t have a chronic illness and spend most days in bed. Lol