Swap item purge?

@shannonleighcolley gave me an idea with her awesome post about getting rid of fragrance samples and bags…
What if we had a purge discussion where you could list a bunch of items you just want to find a new home for and let them be claimed by another member?
Sort of like @shar’s original “pay it forward” but with a bunch of stuff that needs a new home posted by someone that doesn’t want anything back?
It might even help to get those items to members that know where/what to donate…
I’m not sure it would work but I felt inspired this morning.


I love the idea of a swap item purge. I’ve done this in the past.

If you are looking for a place to donate, I am actually putting together a beauty event for the victims of the Marshall Fires here in Colorado. It made national news back in January. Over 1000 homes lost. Biggest fire in Colorado history. I am putting together a free beauty shopping experience next month at a donation center… Where fire victims can come in and pick up things such as hair care, skincare, perfume, makeup, tools and more! So I’m collecting everything from Ipsy bags, perfume samples, mini and full size goodies. They just have to be new and not expired.

Other donation ideas could be your local women shelter, groups for domestic violence survivors, trafficking. I’ve worked with these types of groups in the past and put together beauty bundles. They are always so grateful.


I mean, even if it’s a bunch of stuff, and someone can use it I’ll send them. If it’s heavy maybe the person receiving it could just pay postage or part of it.

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I have done bags for homeless and when I do the womens ones I use those and add stuff like that as well as basic stuff they need too. I can try the womens shelter. Where are you located? Trying to determine how expensive shipping would be.


I just posted about the event that I’m hosting. I’m in Colorado.

Since I could fit a lot more in a box less expensive without killing myself on shipping I might look at products then versus bags so you would get more. Let me look at my stuff tomorrow. Pm me your info and I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Hi Caryn. I’m in Lakewood. If you are not too far I can certainly contribute items for your Marshall Fire beauty event. Let me know. Rachelle

Note - I’ve been swapping for years but didn’t use the forum in the past and this is first time looking at new one so not sure how to do things.

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@rnotherid Hi Rachelle! First of all I want to welcome you to the forum. We are so happy to have you here! I’m located in Broomfield. Any assistance would be amazing! I will also tag you in the event post that I’ve created separately from this…