Swap Paypal Shipping Changes

Now that Paypal has migrated to ShipStation, has anyone successfully figured out how to use it for swaps? I used to have a shipping link I could click when I logged into PP but now I can’t figure it out. It seems like you can only use it if there is a sale through PP which isn’t applicable with swaps.

I think I figured out the easiest way to access that portal: https://paypal.shipstation.com/. Then you can create a quick label. MSA might need to update how they direct people to use PayPal for shipping.

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Yep, that’s the way.

The other option is to use PirateShip (which you can link to PayPal if you want to use PP funds to pay for the shipping). Rates are the same as through PP, but PirateShip has some additional options that PP/Shipstation doesn’t have, most notably cubic rate shipping.


My best friend is a full-time reseller (I do it part-time, but it’s all my stuff, so am I really?) and she turned me on to PirateShip, so I’ve used them a few years. I do use ShipStation when sending the odd eBay sale due to ease since it’s integrated, but the rates really are the same, as Sherri said. PS also now includes UPS options (sometimes they are cheaper), and as Sherri also said, cubic rate, which can be a huge cost savings. A swap I had just yesterday was $6 more to ship Priority vs Cubic, on top of the savings from using a company like this.

Story time: they were SUPER helpful when my brother’s gargantuan Christmas package, which I paid to insure over the standard amount, was, well, Porch Pirated in 2020. For some reason, despite evidence it happened, receipts, and a super-detailed itemized list, the USPS took 3 (!) months to send me a check for like $50 (the standard included insurance), and when I appealed, they denied it. I finally reached out to PS, who were like, you should have come to us first, Silly Goose, and they resolved it quickly by refunding the difference in what the USPS had ripped me off (errr…“paid me back,”) but it was still a huge loss. Some of the things in there were not replaceable (family stuff or bought overseas pre-COVID), and my husband and literally spent 2 hours wrapping everything in different paper for each person.

But PS’s excellent customer service made up for a lot of that. I do not work for them, lol.

You have the option to ship UPS on PayPal now as well. You can see which is cheaper, USPS or UPS.

UPS was an option on PP well before the transition to Shipstation (it just wasn’t as obvious - default was USPS and you had to select UPS to check rates/ship via UPS). Pirateship finally caught relatively recently with offering UPS as an option. Personally, I rarely find UPS to be a better option, but I’m sure that is based on the type of packages I ship (i.e. nothing crazy heavy/large).