Swap Regrets

I had the Short Stories LED Indoor Planter and swapped it. Now my neice has decided she’s into gardening and watching things grow (she even planted some of her bird’s bird seed just to watch it grow!). Now, I’m currently trying to swap for it as a surprise for her.

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Now that I think about it, I regret all of my pay-it-forwards and “charity swaps”. I remember sending tons of stuff to a person who claimed she was organizing a charity event, and then they proceeded to list the items on the swap site. No. I won’t say who it was.
But on the brighter side, I did “meet” some amazing swappers that I’ve sent significant “followed” items to - just because I could.
I suppose you have to just expect to get burned every now and again.


Welcome to the forum!

Sure hope your experience wasn’t with me…
I accepted many items for my organization raffle, but not all of the items I received were un-usable (didn’t realize it said usable) in said raffle (make up), so I listed them to swap for things that could be used (BaubleBar necklaces, etc).

I remember much mumbling and grumbling but no explanations were accepted due to mob mentality.

At some point, you just realize that at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone, so if you know what you do/did was for the better, that should be good enough. There will always be people trying to shut you down, or take advantage of good people, but how they act is a reflection of them, not you!

I hope that with this new and improved forum, we will move away from negativity, spread positivity where we can, and keep an open mind!

Always forward :slight_smile:

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Avenue A was my JAM! And the couple times the shoes didn’t fit at all, Adidas sent me a new pair. I imagine this was not inexpensive for them (not that the box was CHEAP, but it was an excellent value), and I always wonder if that contributed to their cost-analysis/decision to cancel it (because you may remember they were PLANNING to come back). Also IIRC, people complained pretty vocally on here about the items, every single season, which was wild to me because unlike MANY other boxes, their prices were actually retail pricing/exclusives. Now, I didn’t care for one of the collabs that shall not be named, but was able to swap them all out. I low-key wonder if that many people complained publicly, if a far greater number were even more vocal privately.

Anywhoo. No regrets swapping from that box – there was a top I really liked but it didn’t look good on me, so I was a little sad to see it go. My favorite running shoes maybe of all time were the Bostons they had several years ago. They brought a version back a couple years ago and they sold out super fast. All subsequent versions are not the same shoe, but I do keep a half-opened eye out for them to come back.

In fact, most of my tennis/running shoes are Adidas now (I get a discount for my line of work), and they’re a German company (my 2nd home) and part of that is sincerely due to my experiences Avenue A. Hear that, Adidas?! LOL.

*Ah-dee-dass Avenue Ah. :wink:


@blackweezle0069 I mean…if you want to swap or sell that Petrole, I wouldn’t be mad about it., hahaha! :wink: Although…I too collected quite a few 1951s. Anybody remember when we would do mass orders on the old forums from France!? I didn’t participate, but I did order a couple times. I loved those bags…should probably pull them out again.


I’ll never forget it. It was the end of 2016. I just got through with fighting stage 3 breast cancer (chemo, bilateral mastectomy, radiation, etc). It was my very first swap. It was the Cambridge Satchel Company tiny satchel from the PopSugar Winter Her box. I was swapping it for a Le Métier kaleidoscope lip palette from the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box that year. That was the only year that I didn’t get the latter box as I simply just could not afford it. I just wanted some lipstick to feel pretty, that’s all! :rofl: Anyway …… I shipped it off to the recipient and let’s just say she defrauded about a dozen people. Needless to say, I was out a cute little purse & have been very hesitant about swapping because of that experience. BUT I met a really cool friend from it. We text daily & meet up in Chicago for girl fun. Silver linings, right? :sunglasses:


Hi There,

I do have several Short Stories Planters if you are will looking please let me know and I will list one.

That’s so sweet of you! But Shar sent me one already.

Thanks so much!

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I dated a German guy and he told me the correct way to say Adidas, so this made me giggle. :grin:

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Full disclosure: my husband is from Germany, and I also lived there. It’s “Vorboten” to mispronounce German words in this house, wahaha! But of course, it can sound pretentious, so I generally avoid saying the name if I’m, say, in an Adidas store. If he’s with me, we get a Hall Pass, obviously. LOL.