Tarte Cutom Kit, 7/$65 - Available Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s go time, this is not a drill! Tarte Custom Kits (7 items for $65) are available now.

ETA: Wow, significantly fewer choices offered than with past kits (I posted first, then went to shop). I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda disappointed, as I’ve always loved these kits and gotten one even though I never need one. But I’m contemplating skipping this time. :frowning:

Thanks for posting, @Sherri ! I just came here to post about it too

Did you notice all the up charges for certain picks? I was not impressed this time.

@ebbgirls - I saw that, very strange, but it wasn’t an upcharge. It was just a really weird way of displaying things. Everything was 7/$65, regardless of whether there was a dollar figure under it.

Yes, I think that’s their way of saying what the price breaks down to? Like each product is $9 and the bag is a dollar for a total of $65?

Yeah, maybe that’s it. I just had another look. They have the bags at $11, so 6x$9 = 54 for the non-bags, plus $11 for the bag = $65, so maybe that’s how they are doing the breakdown. I definitely don’t recall them doing that in past years, though. My first thought this morning was that it was some kind of upcharge as well, because some didn’t have the $9 noted, but those were the ones you had to click through to pick a shade, and I see now that they have the $9 for those too, but isn’t as obvious on the pop up as on the main page.

In other news, I caved and got one. I kinda hate myself for that lol.