Thoughts on BoxyCharm's recent pricing change?

It’s not exactly new news, but I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the recent BoxyCharm price increase? If you were a subscriber when this was announced, are you still a subscriber? Do you think the box still worth it at the higher price?

From Boxycharm:

The prices for Premium and Luxe were updated so that we can continue to elevate your membership experience. At BoxyCharm we’ve set out to provide full-size, industry-leading products and brands at an incredible value, all conveniently delivered to your door each month. To continue to fulfill this promise and take it even further, the price for the Premium box has been updated to $39.99, and the price for the Luxe box has been updated to $59.99.

  • Existing Premium members will be billed the new price of $39.99 starting November 1, 2021.
  • Existing Luxe members will be billed the new price of $59.99 starting on December 1, 2021, with the Winter Luxe Box drop.
  • New subscribers who sign up on or after September 30, 2021, will pay the updated price.

Our goal is to continue elevating your membership experience by including even more access to the hottest brands and products, limited edition & takeover boxes, new features and perks, extended deals, and more.

I have a love - hate relationship with Boxy. LOL

I must have signed up then canceled at least 7 times over the past few years.

They always have great spoilers but I never wind up getting any of them. So I hold out as long as possible, then they put up awesome spoilers, I sign up, don’t get any of them then feel silly for having signed up in the first place. Cancel!

This has happened over and over.

I will say, their popup sales are great! Better than ipsy though not as great as FabFitFun.

I’m not a current Boxy subscriber, but I’m in the same boat as you: I probably signed up and then cancelled at least two or three times in 2021.

I also definitely echo your feeling on their popup sales! I’ve thought about resubscribing just so I can access them. I’ve gotten some great deals on things like Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask and Sunday Riley C.E.O.

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I used to be a resubscribe each month and pick my bonus product instead of regular choice style subscriber

Now I’m going to be a 50% off or bust subscriber (unless they bring back Natasha Denona palettes - those I will come back for :heart_eyes:)


I’m not keen on the increase. I’m not currently active. As someone else said, I turned into a get-the-gift-not-a-choice subscriber. I got better boxes that way, plus the extra item…which I considered my choice! I agree that Boxycharm has the best sales and I’ve stocked up on plenty for me and lots of gift products.


I did take advantage of that recent half price box offer. That, plus the gift, PLUS it turned out to have great items…was an all-around win for me. Then…I promptly cancelled. Lol.


I think every time I’ve gotten a half price box it has been a new subscriber bonus gift variant!
I miss getting the $10 off codes for the sales since the half off ones don’t get that, but unless I especially want a specific gift, it makes the most sense to just get a mystery box every once in a while!