Thoughts on Curateur?

Having moved Stateside not that long ago I am slowly assessing the latest box options. I have only committed to Allure so far but am looking for a lifestyle box. I used to get Rachel Zoe but it could be hit and miss; I see it has been reimagined as Curateur. What is this new take? Any better/ worse than before?


This is a great question! I haven’t subscribe to it in a couple years and I would love to hear feedback as well.


IMHO, it’s pretty much the same and what you’ve described - hit or miss. I get them here and there if/when they have a few things in a box that I like to make it worth it to me. And they are always offering discount codes, so I never pay the full sub price - I resubscribe with the discount code and then cancel again after I get the box I like. I haven’t had any issue using the discount codes on the same account. HTH.


@Sherri thank you so much for your insight. Good to know the codes can be used!


IMO, nothing really changed but the name. I used to be an annual subscriber, but felt that the items were very similar from season to season. All of my gold pieces from there started to look the same. (Not to mention, there was some serious retail value price gauging on the jewelry. The link earrings that you could create different styles with felt like gold plated plastic. The rose gold watch I received in one of my first boxes is now tarnished. I didn’t get much use from it.)

If I see a Curateur box I like, I usually wait for a promo code or special offer.