Thoughts on the latest Paper Source box?

Did anyone else get the latest Paper Source lifestyle box?

Mine showed up today, and it feels very craft heavy. I was looking on the company website, and it says they are revamping the box. It doesn’t look like it is open for new subscribers right now either.

Curious what is happening with this one since I am on the fence about keeping it. Some boxes I love and some boxes are meh. This one was meh for me.

Would love to hear what others think!

Welcome to the forum @mary_l!

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I did not get one. I thought they paused the lifestyle box? I didn’t get billed either. I thought I had one more for the year?

Oh, I didn’t hear that they were pausing. I just wrapped up my first year and this is my 5th box. Here’s the card with the contents.

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This is one box I always come close to subscribing to. I just love everything in them but have too many boxes. I did finally get fed up with the Alltrue shipping issues, and canceled, so maybe this is a good replacement.


I got it for awhile and loved it but then it started feeling like I was getting too many of the same sorts of things, stationary, notebooks etc.

Well, I think I’m going to let this one go then.

Part of me wants to keep it in case upcoming boxes are better, especially since you need to commit to a year when signing up. But if other subscribers never even got the January box, I am assuming this sub is on its way out the door anyway.

Oh yeah, I forgot you had to commit to a year! That’s why I never signed up for it. I love Paper Source and their products, but a year is a big ask.

Has anyone used the workshop certificates and if so, how did you like it?