Too Faced - did you hear the news?

I meant to post another article the other day, but this just reminded me. Did you guys see this?
Jerrod AND Jeremy leaving Too Faced. It’s confirmed by Estée Lauder and they announced a replacement.

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Interesting. I wonder if this has anything to do with the controversy(ies) over the past few years…or something else entirely…I mean, Estee Lauder did buy them several years ago, and we have seen what happens when companies try really hard to NOT be owned by the behemoth that is EL (ahem, Julep).
I still remember the first time I came across Too Faced. It was as a broke undergrad, and they were maybe 3 years old and were in ONE department store in my town…but they were #goals. You had to go to the “big city” an hour away, to Sephora, to see the rest. When they came out with their holy grail item a few years later, Lip Injection, it was right in line with mid '00s makeup styles (though some folks said it was a ripoff of Lip Venom but nevermind), so it made total sense they exploded like they did. (FWIW, I don’t care for either product but that’s just me).

I know it’s not “popular” to still like them amongst the snobbiest of the makeup snobs, but some of their products are really nice, and I still get 'em regularly. So maybe this is just the co-founders moving on, maybe it’s EL being EL, or maybe it’s a sign of some big changes. Either way, thanks for sharing this!


I have fond memories of buying their holiday eyeshadow palettes and sets when our family would take trips that usually had a hotel near a nice mall, but I don’t really reach for the brand these days. But if their products show up in a sub box I’m not unhappy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I still love their bronzer and nude matte eyeshadow palette. Not into the smelly ones but their classics… Yes!