Toot: Tbg. SEA Face Mask from See New

Current obsession: Tbg. SEA face mask from the November/December See New box. At first, I was a little confused by the consistency. (It’s super thick and not spreadable until you mix in some water.) But it’s almost like I can feel it pulling out the impurities. It’s maybe a little drying, but that works for my skin. Best of all? It’s the most delightful shade of Medusa green. Total toot.


I just tried mine this morning!! Loved the consistency (perfect)! once I figured out to add a few drops of water. I think it may have said that on the instruction card, but idk where that went! Anyway, loved the results!!

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@Lindsey-MSA @marthalee1901 I am intrigued by anything that could be removing impurities, as Lindsey mentioned.

Would you say it’s similar to a Glam Glow mask (from a few years ago)? Or a high-end Biore pore strip. Or not at all, haha :laughing:

If I remember the Glam Glow masks, and we’re thinking of the same ones. . .this TBG sea mask didn’t seem as drying. My skin didn’t feel as tight when the mask was on. I also like the scent of this one better, it’s a more natural scent.