Trendmood Vol. 16 is coming!

Is anyone else excited? What are you hoping to see inside?

I am excited. I could go for a tinted primer, fun nail polish, high-end sunscreen, more lip masks, light summer pink blush and bath products are always welcome. I don’t need tools.

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I posted this in the spoiler thread yesterday - but I agree that it is its-own-post worthy. :smiley:

My weakness is eyehadow palettes (please don’t ask me how many I have), so I’m hoping to see one of those. I’d be happy with other makeup as well. I’m swimming in skincare so would prefer makeup. Or maybe even hair or body care.

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I was literally about to come here and talk about how Kopari has some new body care releases so maybe we’ll see them- and then I logged into Instagram and the first thing I saw was a trendmood post that Kopari will be in the box!


I just saw that! Fingers crossed whatever it is doesn’t smell like coconut, I can’t handle that scent (yeah, I know, the probabilities are against me here).

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I’ll cross my fingers for you that it’s the guava body butter then :blush:


It is the Ultra Restore Body Butter. I just posed on the spoilers thread.

The next spoiled brand is Origins! I haven’t seen them in a while. I hope it’s a mask :slight_smile:

It’s their gel moisturizer. And I have dry skin. Sigh… So if you’re keeping count, that’s one coconut scented item and one moisturizer for the opposite of my skin type. I’m 0 for 2 so far.

Although I might like the moisturizer for summer, I would definitely try if if the rest of the box makes it purchase-worthy for me.

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I have dry skin but I still like those lightweight gel moisturizers for my morning routine; especially because so many of the sunscreens I use are hydrating.

First Aid Beauty is coming in next. I wonder if they have any new products to include? I haven’t researched yet.

So, FAB was just in the Summer FFF box, so now I’m wondering if one or both products that were in FFF will be in this box. It was the KP bump eraser body scrub (which has been in a past TM box - specifically the FAB takeover box) and the ingrown hair pads (which I believe are new). So my prediction is that it will be the ingrown hair pads.

UPDATE: Cue buzzer sound. I failed. It’s their cleansing oil and makeup remover. No more making predictions for me.

I’d actually prefer the KP Bump Eraser over the cleansing oil :joy:

I’m excited to hopefully try their cleansing oil!