Ulta’s love your skin event

Anyone shopping their sale? I like how you know in advance which products will be 50% off- tomorrow the fur oil I really like the performance but hate the price of will be 50% off as part of the sale, and I plan on ordering it as soon as I wake up. I did also place an order on New Year’s Day- I got the Nuface Fix microcurrant treatment tool. It was 50% off and I got 5x the points + a nice GWP sampler bag.
Anyone else taking advantage?

@Jessica-MSA I am glad you saw the Fur oil. I wanted to get on here and tell you about it but of course you knew of the awesome sale! I got the Nuface as well but haven’t had time to try it yet. Probably this weekend. I never tried anything except that round device in the sub boxes. I forget the name off hand.
I placed so many orders but at all different stores Waiting on the Neiman Marcus Advent Calendar that I scored at a big discount.

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Hi you can go online to look at the ads or sale magazine too. Sign up for the to come to your house. If you need help lmk. Take care. Jacki

Ulta has been killing it with the sales lately! I made Platinum just last month so I’ll have it all 2023. :raised_hands:t2: That being said, I am trying not to look too hard at the Love Your Skin event deals … I have product overload and Ulta is taking too much of my money! :joy: