Unhide blankets worth it?

I’m on the fence about buying an Unhide blanket during their Black Friday sale. I know they’re a popular item in subscriptions and have heard good things, but I’m not sure if they’re worth the price. Has anyone gotten one in a sub box? Would you pay full price for it?

I’m asking because I got the Unhide pillow in my Fall 2022 FFF box and it was definitely NOT worth the $55 price tag. I have a lot of fuzzy blankets from West Elm (that I got on discount lol) so I guess I’d be comparing the Unhide to those.

Thanks for any feedback!

Great question! I’ve wondered this as well!

Personally, I really like UnHide blankets. The quality seems better than other blankets I’ve seen - they’re heavier, extremely soft, each side has a different texture, and they feel luxurious. I’ve given many as gifts and they’re always well received.

Also, in addition to the UnHide sale, you can add the FFF discount code which makes it an even better deal. If I didn’t own a dozen of these blankets already, I’d be shopping that sale! lol

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Oh good point about the FFF coupon. Thanks for the feedback!

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Alright, I ended up getting the Lil’ Marsh medium because it was on sale at the FFF shop and it’s great! I wouldn’t pay full price, but for the discounted price they are really lovely blankets. So soft and I like the weight of them.

One day I’m going to feel this! I’m glad you were able to get a good deal