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I realize that swapping is now closed and it is a dead issue. I am working with a few other people to provide a replacement tool. However, I wanted to share some feedback that I am hearing overwhelmingly from other swappers? Is there any possible way to leave the swap pages accessible to view (read only format) and cut and paste from through Labor Day or the end of this month.
The timing provided is simply not enough time for most of us to pull off all the data that we worked hard to put in since it has to be done completely manually. I know that I am not alone when asking for this extension.

To be clear, I am not asking for an extension of the ability to swap through MSA and that functionality can be turned off if need be. We just need to be able to access our own listings to copy descriptions we have written, retail value, sub box the items came from and pictures we have posted. There are some existing Facebook trading sites, but you are required to know which box the item came from. As you know there is a great deal of overlap between boxes with beauty & skincare products in particular or it has been a while and we simply don’t remember.

I am fully aware that this may be an uphill battle for you as it is clear that your senior management has very little regard for feedback provided by the forum/swap members given how this whole situation was handled since all but a few inquiries directed your way have remained unanswered. I think an extension would go a long way to winning back some good will.

A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.




Hi @woodall1880
I can ask!




Hi Again,

It was my understanding that we would still be able to access our swap information until the middle of August per the announcement on MSA. I went to look something up this afternoon and I cannot access swaps at all! Can you please look into this ASAP?

Thank you!

Try this URL: https://swap.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/user/#####/swaps

Where ##### is your Swap ID number.

Hi @woodall1880

I am able to access my swap page and was to just rate and leave feedback for a swap; the swap page is very much still accessible to me. Did the link @Sherri provided work for you?

In regards to your other question- I’ve spoken with people who have much more authority than me, and they stated that YES, the page can be read-only until Labor Day. All swaps are still going to be suspended after August 8th, and next week our site engineer should have a new banner explaining the read-only function.

Hope this helps!


Thank you all for your help. That is awesome news Jessica that we will have additional time to retrieve our data from the swap site. Thank you for looking into it. Would you like to announce it to everyone in the forum?

As for accessing swaps, I was able to determine that SWAPS are not available from the MSA Home Page or as an option from the drop down menu under my picture icon (“My Swaps” is no longer an option). The only way I can get to swaps is by going to the Forum and selecting SWAPS in the upper right corner the Forum Home Page.

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The same thing happened to me this morning and I was wondering if it was just me. The link Sherri provided worked but still… it kind of bugs me that the tab is already gone four days before it is supposed to be.